🎥Diggz EZ Debrid📺 (BEST Debdrid Build???)

🚨This Build is for Debrid ONLY🚨
I cant say enough about this build. If you have Real-Debrid then this build is for you.
I did not show examples of Movies, T.V. shows playing because we all know debrid links are the best and they have never failed me yet.
The Live T.V. sections works really well with HD picture quality however, it has a slight 10-20 sec delay to start after clicking your selection, so just be aware of that.
The adult section works very good as well and requires no passcode to access. All you do is go into the settings and allow the adult channels to populate.

Real-Debrid Sign Up:

Real-Debrid Set up & Walk-Through

How to Switch Between Kodi Developer Builds (Without Uninstalling Kodi):

🎥Diggz EZ Debrid📺 (BEST Debdrid Build???)

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  1. Cheers mate, awesome content as ever! Have you tried searching films on this build and playing them? I tried searching a few films and the app crashed, can you advise how to solve?


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