🔴 Cyberpunk: 2077 NIGHT CITY WIRE Live Stream + Geoff's Hands-on Impressions

Don’t miss Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire Live, followed by Geoff’s live hands-on impressions of playing the game.

Tune in live on Thursday, June 25 at 9 am PT.

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🔴 Cyberpunk: 2077 NIGHT CITY WIRE Live Stream + Geoff's Hands-on Impressions

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  1. ik this a very very stuipid question to be asking, basically i went on here look for a video that was about cyberpunk 2077 and i need a question answered xD now my system is a xbox one elite with 1tb and a 2 storage areas so i can place extra if i need more.. i have pre ordered the game xD i feel so stupid even asking this xD but it is really killing me xD anyways but i have the option to play it but, when it releases it i know it will install all of the game i've been trying to look if it works on the xbox one elite… its newer than the base system for xbox one… sooo riddle me this will it work one the xbox one s, xbox one x, xbox one elite pro… ya i feel extremely stupid for evening typing but im sure a good number of you did your reaserch im an old timer damn it xD ignore the pic -_- anywho… just any one of ya can give me a gooood answer i be happy and have a clear mind… xDD

  2. lol!! I was laughing so hard listening to Geoff drone ON AND ON and the chat just constantly yelling "STOP TALKING OMG STOP". He literally did not take a breath or break… UHHHHMMM. EHMMMMM EHHHHHHH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAH UHMMMMM BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH UHHHHHHMMMMM

  3. Skyrim, GTA and Blade Runner, three products I don't want to hear even close to me cyberpunk. I hope it's just a result of this guy not knowing much about these stuff, and not actually the main resemblances.

  4. 56:28 the players shadow when aiming a rifle looks odd, really odd.
    56:32 the players shadow when preparing a grenade is also really odd. The 2018 demo had a better animation in which the player still held on to the weapon while grenade toss indicator appeared.
    Also the enemy AI seems somewhat weak as in this same clip they had very little regard for their well being but as long as the writing is good like The Witcher3 (that also had really weak Ai) it'll do fine even if some animations aren't to par (perhaps one of the reasons why they chose to go first person).
    p.s Witcher3 increased in enjoyment for me drastically when in the hardest difficulty, I've no doubt it'll be the same with this game.

  5. Damn the difference between the streamed versions of this event and the directly uploaded version is atrocious. Youtube really needs to get their streaming to not be like it's 2008. All these next-gen games being broadcast in awful YouTube compression is doing no one any favors. They should all just start uploading the events pre-made instead of streaming.

  6. Man the downgrade is real! You can really see they nuked the crowd/car amounts in the game since the first gameplay video we got. This is obviously on a console they got to play on but man, it sure didn't look that impressive. Basically looked as good as any other game out right now. Hell I'm willing to bet FF7 remake will look a tad better by the time this drops.
    Hopefully PC version will have higher quality.


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