What is real debrid, how does real debrid work, is real debrid still worth it in 2021. All question answered and more
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  1. 2 days ago, Real Debrid announced that they have had a DDos attack that has disrupted their service. They also said that they have applied a patch to block an app that haters were using to overload their servers. Can you check this out and advise your subscribers what, if anything, they should do to Codi (with a K) Addons or apks that use Real Debrid? I'm only getting sd Real Debrid links working for Addons and apks. I really appreciate all the work you put into your videos – I have learnt a lot from you. Thanks. 🇹🇩

  2. I sub to RD a month ago (first time user) it is good and worth the money but there are two things I don't like. 1. RD keeps a record of every RD link you watch. You can delete the history but I would rather there was an option to turn off the history. 2. It claims you can use it on five devices but each app is classed as a device. Kodi requires at least two devices add any other app it will count against your 5 devices. Overall though it is a really good service.

    OH one more downside for me, I have a Firetv box and use MXplayer pro. RD streams the audio in AC3 format which MXP does not support so DLs have no sound. You are suppose to be able to install a codec pack for Arm7 Neon but none of the ones I tried install in MX player. If anyone is using a Firetv Box and has MXplayer working on RD links please share how you did it. Thank you.

  3. Ok, forgive me for being only semi-nerdish enough to grasp all of this. Just signed up for 90 days premium of real debris. Have Movie Lounge app. Want to be able to download movies & shows onto my tablet to watch at work with no WiFi (kept getting, "chose real debris link to downloadđŸ€ŠđŸŸ).
    Ok, got it, but I'm on a screen asking me to chose my links???
    Halppp! What an I adding as "links", the movie apps or what???

  4. I just had a really good laugh. I just tried to use up a single use prepaid Mastercard, it wouldn't take cash from me the second time.

    Real-debrid message said:
    "Stop trying to buy more time! You already have enough time!"

    On their website. Like a Dad. Lol
    Wtf? Actually refused my money?

    But I do have 383 days and 600 fidelity points. So pretty good I guess. Maybe use last ten dollars at the gasbar or grocery store.

  5. Ok I'm new to RD but have cut the cable for quite some time and your video convinced me. I'm set up and I now have a RD account but I'm kinda confused on what to do next. I'm a big fan of the android box so I have 3 or 4 APKs I use. The first APK I went to asked me to link my RD account so I did. I picked a movie but when the links came up I don't think I saw any RD links. Will I even be able to tell what links are from them? I also see a bunch of Kodi references. I loved Kodi back in the day but now it just seems slow and not as easy as a Beetv or whatever APK. Do I just go to my Kodi settings and do the same thing? Link my RD to Kodi? Is that better than simply using an APK? Any tips are appreciated THANK U FOR THE GREAT INFO.

  6. Very good, I forgot about the free version. Does the free version work with android apps, or is that only a premium feature? Also about torrent files/magnet links, if one of the host companies has the file you get it right away. if no one has it then they get it for you, but it will take a bit longer.

  7. People, please remember that of you have anything less than 100Mbps, you're going to find streaming real 4K files extremely hard. 4K can range around 40GB an hour. You're going to need at least 11 megabytes per second to even stream that size of a file decently. Your nitrate with 4K files will also be extremely high, too.

    Right now, I have 150 megabits up and down and that equals to around 18 megabytes per second, so streaming 4K is now problem, but then you also have problems with your Android Box or PC bottlenecking the stream like CPU or GPU.

    Have fun 👍

  8. Any idea why RD has all the sudden closed the forum, deleted tweets and has dropped rapidgator, etc?
    (I have been a member since 2013 and always loved it for the RESUME feature. I was on a 512/128 ADSL at the time so couldn't take advantage of the speed aspect of the site.)

  9. How about payment method? I see that Real Debrid offers Bitcoin as a payment method. I don't currently have any bitcoin. Should I be cautious about using a Credit Card to pay for Real Debrid to protect my privacy? Or is the payment method not a big deal?

  10. As we can see Real Debrid keeps a log of everything you streamed, and it is under downloaded. It has a time and date stamp of every movie. Since most of us use Amazon to pay for this, is it possible if real debrid every got shut down, csn all of the data that they keep on what we all dream be used against us for streaming copy right material with out paying for each one. This is a legitimate concern in my opinion.

  11. been trying to get an acoount this weekend but can't get past the captcha screen, it either won't generate one or just goes in a loop back to invalid details entered, truly pathetic as there is no customer service to speak of, tried it on win 10 & android as well, same result, have they run out of space for new customers!

  12. After watching your video I decided to renew my subscription to this service. I tried to watch 10 different movies ranging from brand new to released for a decade. I found no more than 2 paid links to each movie. Many of those were foreign language links. This was the same issue I was having when I let it expire before. Can you offer any insight???

  13. It’s also important to remember with RD for every 180 day subscription you get 800 fidelity points, for each 1000 you accumulate they can be converted to an extra 30 days.


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