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What is Real Debrid, How does Real Debrid work, How does Real Debrid affect your streaming apps , Is Real Debrid worth it? All these questions answered and more!
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  1. I subscribed today for the first time so far very disappointed! The first movie plays but has no audio on all links so I picked a different movie the second movie plays audio but no video but yet the free version works flawlessly. The video quality looks great compared to the free version but so far I don’t see why you would pay for something that doesn’t work 100%.

  2. Thank you for this information. I'm new to all. I hope you can answer these questions I have. How does it get it on my Firecube and Firestick? I've already created an account not yet paid because I need to know how to install it on my Fire cube and stick? Thank for all you help

  3. TechDoctorUK for premium real-debrid I use ipvanish, but when I stream 4K movies it lags and when I turn off the vpn it’s not lagging at all can u help me I would appreciate it. Do I have to mess with the settings of IPVanish because I have a strong internet connection.

  4. Brand new RD user here, just got it 2 days ago and boy o boy the best 18 bucks I spent, totally worth it, even way better with Kodi, you get plenty more links, anywhere from 300-600 depending on the movie. On the apps I get some but nowhere near what I get in Kodi using Exodus Redux addon and IT addon.

  5. I’m not getting hardly any links with RD on cyberflix cinema hd but when I go to kodi well there is a massive difference I’m getting over 200 RD link what I don’t understand is why I’m not getting loads of links on cyberflix and cinema hd and I’ve even tried Apollo tv and that’s the same hardly any RD links what is going on and how do I get my links I’ve got 256 days left on RD premium so I know it’s not that I’ve turned of ipvanish and turned it back on still no links

  6. Whenever someone does a Youtube video showing how to install apks/ Kodi on an Amazon firetv device the first thing they show and do is turn on both ADB debugging and allow apps from unknown sources.I understand why you have to enable unknown sources Techdoc but i cannot for the life of me understand why you have to turn on ADB debugging because in all the time that i've been using an android device i've never one used this option and have never had a problem with any of my apks/ kodi addons.SkySmashi even did a recent video in which he said that the information given by a number of Youtubers to turn ADB debugging on is the wrong information unless one is a developer and has a specific reason to use it.In view of this i was wondering what yor thoughts are regarding setting up a firetv device

  7. Please help for movies I only get one link called 1080p-Fmovies(openload) the problem is that this link isn’t even 1080p and before I Would get more than 10 real debrid links and now I only get 1

  8. Worth it, never buffers and you can fast forward etc, whenever I use any normal white link it buffers loads, could never attempt to use a white 1080 or 4K link, can barely use 720p without it pissing you off

  9. How you even getting those links I'm lucky if real debird even gives me 1 1080p link I recently tried premiumize for couple days as nxtlvltech gave out some trial code a even tho they have ran out Kodi is still giving me tons more links than real debird even did all the streaming apks need to add premiumize


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