🤔 Is Real Debrid Worth the Money in 2021? Everything You Need to Know!

👉 Want to try out Real Debrid yourself? Check it out here http://real-debrid.com/?id=3924922

Here is the link to Real Debrid’s Twitter post mentioned in the video https://twitter.com/realdebrid/status/862267888824135681?lang=en

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🤔 Is Real Debrid Worth the Money in 2021? Everything You Need to Know!

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  1. Hey my man happy 4th, I got a question for you I am really stuck with this oh, it's been over a year, since I signed up for real debrid oh, well here's my problem I signed up on my phone that's where my account is and Nvidia Shield is my Stream box my kid want to watch a particular movie and you be honest with you it doesn't matter what movie you want to watch because now all the links available are only torrent links I did install real debrid mod when I click a torrent link it says saving to real debrid Cloud the URL something about downloading, when I go into my account at the bottom is the movie where file name is with a movie icon projector that's where I'm stuck at I don't know how my kid can watch this on the Nvidia Shield I never dealt with this before in the past it's always been you see real-debrid link you click it and it there you go there's your movie but now it's just torrent links

  2. Hey I love your videos, just had a quick question I noticed the 4K with real debrid has torrents on there is that just a link , cost for 4K that's the only thing I see is that okay to click just for streaming?

  3. That was a very helpful and informative video! Thank you! I appreciate the info on the VPN's too! Now I have to figure out how to use Crypto because I think I would like to pay with privacy using Crypto

  4. Just started tuning into you bruh excellent job explaining everything to where I can keep up step-by-step i’m legally blind and it’s refreshing to find a video of like yours keep up the good work! Triple OG in the 916

  5. Seems like this information has been the easiest to understand. I'm new to the apk game and was thinking about getting RD. I have a two boxes and Android phone will I be able to run RD on all three with 1 account?

  6. Excellent! Question: When associating add-ons using the resolvers, will add-ons that haven't been installed "yet", be associated with Real Debrid automatically once they have been installed and enabled?

  7. This is a very comprehensive video/tutorial. I learned a lot and also subscribed to your channel. I also purchased RealDebrid as well. Have a good day and I look forward to your next video!

  8. Superb video, covers everything 👍👍
    Been using real debrid and it's awesome.
    The one problem i do get is that some real debrid links say – need resolve – and they won't play?
    Any ideas or help would be brilliant, thanks 👍👍

  9. Is anyone else having issues with Real-Debrid as of late or is it just me? I feel like I've tried everything to fix it. Name it and I probably tried it. But I'm starting to think it's not anything on my end but maybe theirs. I have At&t as my ISP, hopefully that has nothing to do with it, though.

  10. I've been using it for awhile was abit skeptical at first thinking should I. I heard so many good reviews about it so thought I'd dive in give it ago best thing I've ever done

  11. Very thorough information on real- debrid. I've been thinking about signing up for the service. Now I know that my VPN is not on their list. I'm very grateful for the information. You're an excellent teacher.

  12. I just got this service a week or two ago. Best decision I’ve made to go along w/ my streaming services. No buffs, HIGH quality, and your not spending a ton of money. You can’t beat it.


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