10 BIG Division 2 Changes in Warlords of New York & TU8 (Gear 2.0, Dark Zone, Seasons)

With the release of Warlords of New York Ubisoft is also releasing Title Update 8 for Division 2. Combined there are a ton of benefits for all players, and even …

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  1. DZ has always been a dumpsterfire of gank squads and cheaters. They should have just cut the entire thing out. I'm sure the 50 people who roam there 24/7 looking for clueless noobs to kill will find something else to do as no one else gives a shit.

  2. on the 1:45 its not accurate . You need to do the main mission till the end to unlock it and after at 40 you get 1 point on evry 700k exp hit. i hit lv 40 with 3/5 of the story and hit the 700k exp mark 5 times . I got no loot like i did on 30 and after i did the main story the system did not count them , only got the tutorial 1 point. So best way is to ignore all and focus to get the main story 1st.

  3. Really nice recap thanks! Although I think the SHD level really should come free, like others said, even if theres a lot more stuff to do, if theres no progression, theres no purpose on playing 🤨

  4. Remember when season passes got you the expansions as well….i fucking remember >.< looking back all the season pass really did for you in d2 was you got the free content a couple days early.Then they make you pay for dlc that is still in the first year window.Talk about money hungry.Fuck ubisoft.

  5. so certain Story/features that effect gameplay like skills and guns as well as features that increase replayability will be locked by paywall… yeah ill pass. even free to play games dont pull this crap.

  6. ahh yes useless fucking 41GB update for a new york map
    i dont even have the DLC and they forced me to download that stupid 41GB ?!?
    most of the exciting and important updates are just for DLC buyers only

    im mad because my HDD is full to 0 bytes and i need to delete important things

  7. stiil one question though.. is there better loot in higher difficulties
    and in that regard can the base dmg of weapons be higher? there is no bar showing what is possible in terms of base dmg or is this all linked to the "assault rifle" dmg core attribute which would basically mean that I already have a perfect assault rifle after only a couple of hours played.. which I highly doubt..

  8. I haven’t played in almost a year should I get back in? Like I missed the 2/3rd dlc but I really wanna hop back in (if not for any other reason than to prep for corona) but am I too far behind?

  9. nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononooooooooo Fuck that! How can they fuck up such a nice game! Awful just awful! nononononononononononononononononononononononononoononono!


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