100 Archimondes vs 100 Cenariuses | Warcraft III Reforged

Another funny video 🙂 100 Archimondes against 100 Cenariuses,

Video List – New Reforged models Side by Side with old models

Orcs, part 1 –
Orcs, part 2 –
Humans –
Nagas –
Murlocs –
Demons –
Draenei –
Neutral Undeads –
Trolls –
Dragons –
Beasts –
Neutral Humanoids, part 1 –
Neutral Humanoids, part 2 –
Bandits, Golems nad Weirdos –
Tavern Heroes –
Goblins and (2)Night Elves –

Doodads –

Map with all units part 1 –
Map with all units part 2 –

Map with Doodads –

Reforged Tower Defense –
Reforged TD Legion Test –
Reforged DotA Test –
Reforged imported campaign Test –

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Comment (21)

  1. Yea but Archimonde have army and Cenarius have same spells like keeper of the grove + cyclone… Rly thay are made Cenarius so ordinary and he is demigod… Blizzard made Archimonde so powerful thay should do same thing with Cenarius as well…

  2. Okay. I think is unbalance to compare 2 Chaos dam unit, 1 who only can summon 3 unit with normal damage with condition there are many many tree and ultimate is healing, with one who can summon 3 type of chaos damage unit and finger of death ulti. It make sense if we make a fight a war between 100 Cen with 50 Achimondes or lesser.

  3. It's was a foregone conclusion that Archimonde would win. He can summon from nothingness a vast army of powerful Doomguards and Infernals whose Chaos attacks can penetrate Cenarius's divine armor. All Cenarius could summon are those wimpy treants that can easily be dispelled, and he can only summon then from existing trees. Entangling roots and Cyclone doesn't mean anything against Archimonde's Spell Immunity.

  4. i think its not that fair of a fight .. afterall archimonde calls himself an army .. but cenarius can only heal .. and it stops when he is stunned too .. i think we should see after cenarius calls his treant armies as well 😀 or make it a fight "that no ulti use" .. its just cenariuses vs infernals at this point not archimondes 😀


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