17 GAMES like WarCraft 3 Reforged

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  1. Majesty2 is not like wc3.. i started to play it yesterday.. polished.. has King's Bounty engine and artstyle even (same company..) but i quickly realized.. Majesty 2 is good for multiplayer but for singleplayer, it's actually quiet dumbed down in many ways.. just go play the original.. Majesty Gold HD edition (from GOG).. really good ; )

  2. While all of these are RTS games with a high fantasy aesthetic, not all of them play the same.

    For instance, Heroes of Annihilated Empires feels more like a Supreme Commander but Fantasy. You're not worried about resources running out as much as the rate at which you're using them.

    Another would be SpellForce, it is more of a resources vs bases type of strategy, building slots usage vs building resource consumption. More in the vein of Battle for Middle Earth than Warcraft.

  3. TZAR: The Bursen of the Crown imo the best of these. In time, playing this i was so confused bulgarians make literally a masterpiece! Awesome soundtrack, atmosphere, good picture, & ton of fun))) Its game so unique and have mechanics and buildpaths variety no game have after:
    Every race has its unique gameplay? Yes!
    Resource system simple but not making you stupid? Yeah!
    Every unit can earn expirience & gettin stronger? Thats here!
    U can craft artifacts & every unit can wear it? YES!
    Cherry of fantasy stuff? Lightning bolts, battle creature summons? your pleasure!
    Four… Foсk! FOUR main buildpaths(Battle, Magic, Religious & Merchant – and this is not a pre-choice, you can change each other in one session or build all if you wish & have money)) for every faction to bring you a victory???!!! No problem!
    And this all & moooore… IN STARCRAFT SCALING! 200 more unit cap, Carl!!!

    In many things is better than, no doubts – lovely War3. Age of Empires, Battle Realms, Starcraft, etc. – every RTS game that i can remember, classics or not, cant beat it till 2k19…XD

  4. Lol if you going to say they are ripoff I would say not really… Because these game type (RTS) were popular in that time… You can see from "Red Alert" and the Loria one I will say that it is similar to WC, I see it some where before. And said got inspiration from Warcraft so why not? Not really any ripoff here…

  5. Games like Warcraft REFORGED – shows games from ~2000s… Really? REALLY?!

    Besides – plenty of those games are nowhere near Warcraft 3 and the only thing they have in common is the basic genre and fantasy theme.

    Battle Realms, Dragonshard (incorrectly titled as simply Dungeons and Dragons in the vid), Spellforce 3 and probably plenty of others have VASTLY different mechanics.
    Hell, even Armies of Exigo that could be called a Warcraft 3 clone actually has more to do with Starcraft if you count the scale of battles…


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