17 Minutes of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gameplay – Gamescom 2019

Flying around and taking down Raditz as Piccolo powers up in the iconic battle as well as side-boss fights, and exploring Kakarot.

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  1. this game would be amazing but… well i would have loved actual people speaking in english or whatever language you watched it in your young days… like that i wont buy it…besides i am sure the voice actors would have loved it too

  2. os graficos são lindos oruginal ao anime mais na moral nunca vão fazer um game do dragon ball que neim dos playstation 2 como budokai tem kashuin os de hj em dia são lixos vai vcs sabem mais ta na cara que merda

  3. I wonder…will Goku take off his boots and bracelets in the finished game…gain a temporary boost just fort his fight so that the player can experience a power boost/immersion for this fight as in the Anime? That would be totally awesome. I know its a 4 months old videó and they had to show something, but the removed clothing as in the Anime would be a super awesome touch to fighting Raditz!!!


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