2 Tricks That Feel Like Cheating in Red Dead Online

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  1. Way too many steps for my liking. Start a Bounty Hunt, Moonshine story or story mission (for story mission it is recommended you team up with 4 mates who want to do the same), that doesn't have a timer. Hunt what you want to hunt, fill wagon do dailies or whatever. Hit start, online options, spawn into camp and give your stuff to Cripps… Or you can finish the mission you started and if you chose the right mission, will bag some gold and cash too. Simple really.

  2. Hey, I play pc online everyday and it seems I still cant do mooshine missions. I keep getting the infinate loading screen on either sales or the missions to reduce the mash cost. figured it would have been fixed by now but still having probs. Is everyone else in the same boat? lookin for a quick fix thanks.

  3. "While this trick may feel like cheating -"

    lemme stop you right there, it IS cheating… it's taking advantage of a glitch in the game to do something that's not intended…. much like how glitching through walls is cheating… so is this… don't disguise it as a trick.

  4. Hey Zumie Fiasco I found a really cool animal spawn trick that could be VERY useful for anyone with the trader role. Get back to me and I will gladly let you know how to do this so that you could share with your viewers!

  5. I caught a northern pike and sold it to the butcher but it stayed on my horse. I kept taking it off and putting it back on and made 2000 bucks not half hour ago when this comment got posted. Funny thing is it works every time but is quite boring. Great vid.

  6. No exploits would be needed, if Rockstar haven´t had made the game this slow knitted, so we get impatient and buy some gold bars from them… -.-
    Cheat, hack, exploit the shit out of this, time-, cashgrabbing, lifeless beta, where the majority of users still have problems connecting to the servers or run the game (even Singleplayer) crash free!
    This is most likely the last Rockstar Game I bought! The same shit with Ubisoft!

  7. I tried the solo lobby and it worked…for a while. I got in and managed to do a trader run, unmolested. Killed a few things and was on my way to Valentine when I got sniped. I checked the players' tab and a few people had started to filter in. It's an amazing trick but does not seem to be a permanent thing.

  8. tbh toxic players are mainly on the pc version. on the ps4 version I only two occasions in were some players fucked up my moonshine delivery and they all were rank 450+. Regarding Cripps deliveries getting attacked by other players makes the game intersting thats why you do those deliveries with your posse. For all the rest like animals hunting this is great. Literally just for that, and yeah for reseting the daily. But doing the same task over and over again for some gold is not so fun.

  9. did rockstar already put a fix to prevent the first trick?
    It used to cost only 400$ to change appearance, but now it's 10gold , and for the last couple of times I tried it it hasn't worked.
    it did work yesterday just fine


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