[29:30] Solo Legendary Roosevelt Island | The Division 2 | Warlords of New York | TU9.1

This is my fastest solo Legendary run of Roosevelt Island as of 6/10/2020. Enjoy!

#division2 #speedrun #solo


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Comment (23)

  1. Nice work… some has exp with console leg runs? After 2hrs the half way I always die.

    And 5 shots on a single yellow one to die… wow. Impossible on console (at least for me) but run with full heroic gear.

  2. If your trying this with a controller on console then know it's going to be almost impossible but along that and with what he said your going to have to practice at this like its a professional career. Ex. time stamp 6:36 he focused on a shot and a warhound just appeared out of thin air, that's not from cheating or anything that's know how and playing the mission countless times. He makes it look easy but if you don't have enemies to fight then it will be easy. {meaning} You can count on 2 hands how any times he actually missed a shot it crazy and skilled no less and that is the one biggest factor period, getting shots on target. You can have the exact same build or even better but if your missing shots then you wont get 2 minutes into the first part.


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