3 Secret Deleted Audio Files (Red Dead Redemption 2)

A video featuring three audio files from Red Dead Redemption 2’s game files which involve Marko Dragic’s Robot, Princess IKZ, strange and creepy whispers.

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3 Secret Deleted Audio Files (Red Dead Redemption 2)

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Comment (42)

  1. Sounds like a trumpet playing in the creepy sound bits. Maybe it was to trigger in Saint Dennis. Either a Arthur sickness trip, or perhaps he gets drugged in SD and the audio is from his moments of clarity. Trumpet sound when the scene is near a performer. Latin when he finds himself in the church. Maybe as a reference to Easy Rider. But the mission/event was scrapped because of time/it didn't fit/wasn't fun.

  2. There’s something I found weird, but might be nothing. The guy at the fence says: “That girl with the birthmark was acting strange. Something about her. The way she speaks.” It’s been 15 years since IKZ’s disappearance, shouldn’t it be “the way she spoke”? Like he is still in contact with her. And why would it be possible for a guy like him to meet or get close to a royal child?

  3. That chest at the van horn fence is not just her toy box but her coffin. Think about it she could easily fit in even if her legs were tucked under her chin she’s small enough and he has her toys! And his dog is always barking at you maybe trying to tell u?

  4. the princess is deleted simply because you first can't keep the poster after taking it 2nd the poster keeps appearing even if you take it, 3rd you can't trigger any dialogue if you can't keep the poster and ask the bartender and the fence man for more clues as mentioned in the audio.
    the mission is clearly uncompleted and it's not the first time for rock star to something like that. may be rdr 2 online will have the mission one day may be not.

  5. Hola, hablo Español pero espera que lo entiendas, yo creo que el sonido terrorifico es de los demonios que alguien invoco debajo de una cabaña, ya que hay un símbolo satanico en ella, también es probable que el bosque esté encantado, yo probaría ha escuchar el audio al revés aporta si dice algo

  6. I came across this in my game too but I was so confused when I heard it but recently I have found the river monster in the game I found the model of it in game and the sounds the model is massive


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