33 KILL GAME! BEST RAM-7 Class Setup in WARZONE! (Modern Warfare Warzone)

BEST RAM-7 Class Setup in WARZONE!

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Comment (49)

  1. CAN K3 shut the fuck up one time. U down someone with an MP7 that is a shred weapon and EVERYTIME when Brad kills someone hes like OMG UR KINDA CRACKED can he shut up dude its literally annoying af

  2. Since theres nothing better to do other than leave youtube comments, you probably shouldnt click bait your viewers into thinking you dropped that 30 piece by yourself lmao. entertaining gameplay tho.

  3. Controller is to OP in this game to allow crossplay. I switched top controller this m,orning after not using one for like a year and the amount of cross hair pull you get when someone run by is disgusting. Way to much aim assist.

  4. Nice game bro. Just subscribed to your channel. I think a lesson to be learned from this is when it’s final circle and your boy is up against the world by himself, do him a solid and stfu so he can actually hear what’s going on around him.

    Keep up the solid content 👍


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