4000Mhz C16 (vs) 3600Mhz C15 (vs) 3200Mhz C14 , i9 10900k 5Ghz 1080p Low Settings Games Benchmarks

4000Mhz CL16-16-16-36 (vs) 3600Mhz CL15-15-15-35 (vs) 3200Mhz CL14-14-14-34 for another triple comparison of RAM speed in some new games , this …

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  1. The problem with this benchmark methodology is that many settings induce a CPU bottleneck that won't be present with said settings on low, i.e Shadow Quality and Shadow Render Distance for example. It would be great if this entire benchmark was redone with a faster GPU at the same resolution with the settings on High / Very High

  2. Props on the work. However, wouldn't it have been much cleaner to post a grid readout?
    3200cl14 | 3600cl15 | 4000cl16
    Game1 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS | 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS | 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS
    Game2 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS | 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS | 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS
    Game3 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS | 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS | 1%-FPS, A-FPS, P-FPS

  3. 2080 ti
    i9 9900ks
    aorus xtreme z390 4133mhz OC
    msi godlike z390 4600mhz OC

    What would be the best ram for highest fps possible for gaming?

    4600mhz 18cl (32gb)
    3600mhz 16cl (64gb)
    3200mhz 14cl (64gb)

  4. Can u try run 2666 with cl 11-11-11-28. It should to be pretty same result, since the core 8 and 9gen need 2666 for good performance. From intel
    "Memory Specifications

    Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 128 GB
    Memory Types DDR4-2666
    Max # of Memory Channels 2
    Max Memory Bandwidth 41.6 GB/s

    ECC Memory Supported ‡ No"

    It is nothing else than 11 cycles in 2666 ~242 ; 15 cycles in 3600 ~240 , This means it has lower speed but same amount of data has to be done in less cycles 🙂

  5. I'm on the same gpu and cpu setup, with 4000 CL18, and I get 240 fps in Strange Brigade. A lot higher than your setup. hahaha. Your Sub timings must be really high on that cl16 kit

  6. Thanks for this video with actually high end memory settings compared. Would be fun to see a similar test with 2080Ti, and with 4000CL17 since there is a G.Skill kit sold with that as XMP.
    Also I'm curious, the memory latency of 4000 CL16 is slightly higher than 3600 CL15 in AIDA64, shouldn't the 4000 settings yield lower latency? I'm assuming it's due to subtimings.

  7. Katsuni I have a question regarding your SSD 🙂 Did you switch from a SATA SSD to a PCIe SSD? And if yes, is there a noticable difference? Im currently running my OS on a SSD Raid0 which is quite fast already, but im really stunned by the read/write power of PCIe SSDs and thinking about getting one.. can you actually "feel" a difference? thx in advance and great video


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