5 Best Loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone (Best Drop Kits)

In this video we look at the 5 best class setups in Call of Duty Warzone. These Classes Include Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Attachments, Perks, and more. In Warzone There is a new thing Called Drop Kits, these are your loadouts. In This video we go over the 5 Best Loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I've never been so bad at a shooting game in my life. I like the game but it's honestly awful for me. I average avert least!!! 1.60 kd starting on a new game at worst! Apex I have a 7.00 plus kd but on this piece of shit! Averaging 3 kills and have 1.24 kd. Absolutely shocking and finding it hard to enjoy the game. Plus the cross compatible makes the game unbalanced . The reason I quit fortnite after season 3-5 . Higher lvls = faster ads higher lvl weapons and also feels like it takes 10 bullets to kill someone but you die in 5. I feel the game is soooooo unbalanced. I haven't even unlocked a thermal yet . I dunno what else to say. Games full of campers aswell. Pathetic. Also playing on moderate on warfare bs.

  2. Why use Overkill over Ghost? 99% by the time you get enough money to buy a Drop you will already have a decent primary weapon that you then can pick back up in place of a pistol from your load out. Ghost is invaluable and worth way more that Overkill. And Tune up is awesome as it significantly increases the speed of getting up downed teammates or yourself. Also, if you play plunder and you pick up or purchase a balloon, it decreases the cool down by 40%.


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