$5000 Bonus hunt! (LOTS OF BONUS)


Outtro song : Be 18+ to play on any site and gamble with care. This video was NOT sponsored Steam …

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Comment (40)

  1. Impossible to watch… just a jumbled incoherent mess of quickspin bonuses. You seem like you have no patience and no interest, so how is your audience supposed to?
    No offence intended, I've watched some good videos on your channel but this was awful, you need structure.

  2. Prodigy I love you man but this was just too much for me 3 different games on one screen turbo spins on most the bonus was just too much for me too handle even massive casino streamers do not do this 2 games max to bonus and they value every bonus in normal speed not turbo , not being toxic was just too much for me.


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