7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Cyberpunk 2077

Here’s a few handy tips that’ll help you get started in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. 7 things I wish I knew before diving into Night City.

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Cyberpunk 2077

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Comment (25)

  1. I actually like this "leveling" system. It's like an improvement over the Skyrim one, except it has mostly shitty and boring perks.

  2. Number 2 tip is a little off. Loot items are best dismantled for crafting components as most loot sells for chump change early on. Best way to make money, two words: access points. At most of the NCPD scanner locations (blue icons) there is at least one access point. Go there, kill half a dozen bad guys, hack the access point. Easy $1200 bucks a pop.

  3. Side missions can be better than the main story… CyperPunk does a great job with world building through side missions… it’s not just a bunch or useless fetch wuest

  4. This should be relabelled "7 Things only Non-RPG players Wish They Knew about CyberPunk".
    Loot Everything? Really? No shit. A better tip is, "A quick tap of the quickhack button will highlight all items you can loot in an area"
    Save often? Understatement. How about "There is a quicksave feature, F5 for PC or go into menu and use Y or Triangle on console"
    Side Jobs are quest? Wow, you're amazing for figuring that out /s. Maybe try "Side Jobs are side quests that branch out while Gigs are basically one-of quests"
    This video is almost as incomplete as the game itself, and that is saying something. I know I know, the bandwagon on this one is going fast and you have to jump quickly on it but damn, this was some sloppy work

  5. If you had to explain how to breathe, everyone in the comments would be dead. Do you know how complicated you made the progression system explanation? lol.

  6. Devs really should've made it clear from the beginning within the game that we can't max out attributes … it's fucking stupid. I want everything maxed so I can try out different builds and combos as I please. What's worse is you can't change/redistribute your attribute points.

  7. something i noticed. but some quest also changes options of other quest. example, im friends with the nomads alvacados.
    so when they got offended by our local prophet gary. i could talk them down with friendly banter.
    they know me, and even mentioned how panam is doing as the new leader. so i doubt that i have that option if i dint finish panam`s quest line.

  8. To everyone in the comments complaining about the game being unpolished and buggy:
    1) obviously you've never played a Bethesda Game
    2) you are provably the same people who pushed for it to be released early. Just buy the game and then wait for the updates to start rolling in to fix the base game and stop complaining that it's not worth $60.

  9. I wish I knew it was all a bunch of lies..
    But right now, the most important thing to know is that refunds are accepted even if you played more than two hours.

  10. I set to .75 speed and it is such a normal pace of conversation, I think it was recorded at this speed and then compressed to run at the current speed. Now if I can find the switch to turn off the over-accented british pronunciations so that I don't need subtitles, that would be awesome.


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