A Peek Into The Next Chapter of Amazon's New World MMORPG (Story, Future Zones, Weapons, Leaks)

08/30/2021 – Over the past few days I’ve been scouring through tons of detail regarding what
we might see in the future of New World. Over 200 more pages of lore/quest dialogue, future
expedition leaks, weapons, zones, everything. And I’ve finally been able to piece together the
puzzle of what’s coming next. Or at least pieced it together as best we could, when it comes
to the New World story… There’s always some mystery to be had. But let’s dive in!

Jumping right into this massive story related/future content and predictions related video. Talking
about multiple different aspects of New World and how we might see things change. Officially
the 100th informative New World video I’ve released!

Open Beta News – https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news/articles/open-beta

Wishlist news for New World – https://dotesports.com/mmo/news/new-world-is-second-most-wishlisted-game-on-steam

Amazon New World Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Ilkxnnu7AbjgdDYiOkWtOfVOv5lFeOV

New World Lore Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Ilkxnnu7AZSpYE5va3h3VKVJasB7h-O

New World: This is Aeternum Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaHt-OGdZnI

Ultimate Weapon Guide (New World) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoSbMx6vmew

New World Official Website – https://www.newworld.com/en-us




Join forces with scores of other players to form powerful companies of craftspeople, mercenaries, prospectors and architects.
Claim territories and leverage your dominion to consolidate power and compel loyalty.
Fight for survival against enemy raiders, brutal wilderness, and gathering evil.
Craft hundreds of items, from magical elixirs and deadly weapons to sprawling fortifications.

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A Peek Into The Next Chapter of Amazon's New World MMORPG (Story, Future Zones, Weapons, Leaks)

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Comment (27)

  1. Didn't even notice at first but what a great way to celebrate the 100th informative new world video. Been such a wild ride. I was also going to showcase that leak that happened
    early yesterday regarding the Blunderbuss, Daggers, and Void Gauntlet inside what appeared to be a F&F client, but it went private about 4 hours ago. Was super skeptical about
    it because normally that kind of stuff is kept under heavy NDA, but I'm glad I caught that before it was too late! Also thank you all so freaking much for 50k subs!!

  2. The author of the video is great. The main thing is that they are smart enough to take interesting fan theories as a basis and make a truly unique storyline out of this for content that is not yet in development. Instead of just proudly ignoring it and making a cheap craft without imagination. Thanks for the work you've done.

  3. Generally, I think it is a great idea for games to have PvP & PvE servers. It allows for self segregation and appeals to both kinds of players. But that doesn't seem to be what they were going for. New World is a middle ground by design and the blend is incorporated into the game play. If a die hard PvPer finds it too boring, this game just might not be for them.

  4. Fantastic video, as always …
    Interesting future!!! but .. I would like to ask about the near future of the game.
    Do you know anything about the compativility with the controlpad?? …. until now, was quite bad …. unfortunately!! 🙁
    Thx in advance!!

  5. The potential problem with time shifting is moving into the future. We already have "muskets" that are actually rifles, but adding in more modern weapons and tools will really mess with the environment and world building they have done so far — and from a balance perspective really become difficult.

  6. Great videos, love the coverage and research you are doing.

    I was wondering though, could you 'investigate' more why Amazon is completely ignoring South East Asian gamers by not launching servers in the region? It's impossible to do PVP as the nearest servers are OCE and NAWest, where the pings are 200-300. They launched, what, 9 OCE servers during the Beta… The reason being that Asian gamers had no where else to go and clogged up the 3 initial OCE servers. There number of Australian gamers is dwarfed by the SEA community.

    If more mainstream steamers took notice of this, it might get more traction. There aren't enough influential SEA streamers right now to launch this issue.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Why would they do pvp servers ? The servers already support pvp for whatever morons enjoys getting ganked while chopping wood, just flag pvp on and never turn it off.

  8. I really felt the underwhelmingness of the story when I played the betas main quest line if there's one thing I want changed or focused upon it's the story so yes I would like the main villains in the story to be more significant than things you kill in expeditions

  9. I can't wait to come back and watch all these lore videos once I have played through the game to the end! I love your videos but I just don't want to spoil myself without experiencing it firsthand.

  10. Love the lore and story in this game so far, just wish it was more easily accessible rather than just pages in the game. Also, has anyone been able to translate the corrupted pages?

  11. I now seriously need to decide if I'm going sword/void or sword/ice. I did sword/ice in closed beta and it was great.

    I'll do sword/void in open beta if it's available to try it.


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