A XEON from 2010…. Vs 2020's Ryzen 5 2600 AND i9-10900k…

Here is the second installment of the x58 showdown, this time vs Ryzen 5 2600 and the i9-10900k, where this time. Also Instead of coupling these CPUs with an …

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  1. Great video! Is it possible you could start doing slightly newer Xeon's like the E5-2690? X58 is great but it's getting old and it'd be nice to check out newer budget offerings with cheaper motherboards.

  2. interesting, they say there's 6.2 / 5.8 perf ratio between x5660 & x5550… year 2020, after 4 years of working on z600 (gen 1, shame, i couldn't upgrade it to 2 hex cpus) with 2 x5550 + gt 640 3Gb + 12 Gb ram 10600u (bought it for 500e on ebay.de in 2014…) i've finally swiched to z370+i7 8700 + gtx 1060 6gb + 32 Gb ram 2600 and m2 pcie drive, the FEELING of speed up is like at least 2-3x, boot time went from 2 mins to 5 secs (well, that's uefi mostly), photoshop/filters work 3-4 times faster for SURE (i time tested it). so, for gamers on a shoestring it may be a viable solution, but otherwise, for work – it's time to move on to gen 8-9 intel or ryzens. i've built my DIY i7 8700 conf from 2nd hand spare parts for 600€, z600 is still where, backup for some catastophy day, but i don't really want to touch its shiny pinifairna like designed metal box any more… oh, also z600 draws 400-450 watts, i7 – 120Wt idle and 280 loaded. so, for home use for content / compute these 10 yrs old xeons are lagging behind… well, sure, photoshop is not massively multithreaded (dxo is), it uses 4-6 threads max, for cad/rendering 2 hex core nethalems (w3690 etc) could stay on par with i7 8700 i think….

  3. I really like watching your video about these budget CPUs and you do put a lot of effort in making those. Keep up the good work. Also i have the question about E5 1650 v2, that i got with HP z420 machine and 16gb ddr3 at 1333mhz. How much overclock can i get from z420 ??, kindly tell. I already got at 4.1ghz at air cooler, but for 4.4 to 4.5ghz what will be the setting.

  4. even at say 130for a board, it would cost under 160 to get board and chip on aliexpress(if you want something other then a ud3 to overclock with), and you could probably get some brand new china ram very cheap as well..

    if you already have the ddr3 though, or some ddr3, it may still be worth considering this platform imho.

  5. Last year I replaced my i7 930 with the Xeon E5675 for 50€, OC'ed @4.5ghz, and works like a charm. Before that I had to buy a pci-ex USB 3.0 ans SATA3. I don't get the same numbers, but not feeling any need to update such a good working system!

  6. What´s the max vcore for an 5650 | 24/7, I am seeing different replies. Intel states VID = 0.750V-1.350V. LLC is adjusting mine automatically above that level on 4.2GHZ, what concerns me a bit as I saw in some forums voltage above 1.35 can damage/destroy 32nm Westmeres. Temps are in the mid 5x ° range.

  7. th problem is that the 9900k runs at 5ghz max turbo from 3.6ghz and that the only reason why the 9900k is so good because games like high frequency cpus to you get high fps with a good gpu spec wise the 2600 and 5660 arent much different

  8. So i got an x5675 overclocked to 4.5 GHz to replace my i7 950, runs unbelievably faster. For some reason, MSI Afterburner reports it as 4.32 GHz(180×24) instead of 4.5 GHz(180×25), CPUID reports it as 4.5, any ideas what is wrong?

  9. I've had my X58 system so long, I don't remember what CPU I started with, maybe i7-920? Years ago, I dropped in an ebay Xeon X5660 in it, overclocked it to 4.2 stable on a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Rev.2, with 12GB RAM (2X6) in triple in channel and it is still going! I debated upgrading to a new system, but I decided to just replace my old R9 270 GPU with a used GTX1070 instead. I'm hoping to get a few more years of solid performance out of it.

  10. i never commented on your video i guess… as ur videos are kind of complete and clear already… love u for that… but just wanted to request a comparison if u can do that… it will be more practical and suitable for many people around the globe… pairing a xeon x56xx OCed to 4.0 (as 4.5 is not something everyone can acheive with a basic x58 board) with a more mid range affordable cards like a 1060 3gb/970 1050Ti/960… and compared the same card with a basic i3 8100 setup (not i5 8400 or i5 7400)… just a suggestion and may be it can help a lot of people to see if there is any difference between a 6core/12thread xeon and an 8th gen 4core/4thread i3… and it would be great if u can put a benchmark for the same xeon with stock clock speeds… so if someone can buy a branded sys like hp or del etc how much difference can Ocing make with the above setup…

  11. Brian, Always nice to watch your video's. Im in need of some of your help here. I got trough a faulty gtx 1070ti a new msi aero rtx2070 (rma warranty deal). And i gave it to my girlfriend. Her pc is an x58 asus rampage extreme 2 with an x5675 at 4,5g custom liquid cooled. The rtx works in all our computers except the x58. I tested other cards that seem to work fine. gtx1050-gtx1070ti(replaced now)-ati radeon hd4570. And they all work fine accept the rtx card. No screen at all.
    Can you or anyone point me in any direction to troubleshoot or even fix the issue.
    grtz Sven

  12. Nice video! I still use the x5660 today! in January 2017, I bought a x5660 and x58 asus sabertooth for 220$, cheaper than an unlocked i5 back then. I already had a mother board for the i5, but i chose to go with the Xeon due to more cores. I have yet to overclock it because i dont have much money, Im barrowing parts from a friend. I recently got a ssd and 8gb ram for my pc, and my pc is crazy fast now. But the previous owner did use it at 4 ghz before. So I will be buying an AIO in a couple of months to get good speeds out of it.

  13. Thanks so much for this! I was planning to just build my son a completely new system. He complained about my old handed down i7 975 and GTX-690 rig not quite hitting the performance mark he wanted for current games. Now I plan to save a lot of money and grab a XEON chip or two, maybe a GTX 10 series card, and some better clocked memory. I'll have to look into how to overclock my P6T Deluxe V2 but I did a quick google and it looks like you've got a vid on X58 overclocking too!! I've got an old EVGA X58 Classified board that will no longer be collecting dust either. You rock!

  14. I see that you like aorus more XD i really like that it has more IO because you can use your pc with ehatever monitor or tv you have. For example, I have ultra HD tv and old monitor with hdmi. So basically now I need gpu with at least two hdmi right ? Yeah but I am planning to buy one or even three high refresh rste monitors chaning that old one. So now I will need 3 dp. And this card let's you to do that. That it is really nice, considering hdmi is more universal and dp better for higher resolution higher hz monitors (I want 100 hz 4k desktop experience for example, in that way you need gpu with 3 dp). Also the looks are really important for gpu especially when you pay 1500 usd for it

  15. If you are on xeon then you are set for many more years imo. No need to upgrade for long time. But if you are about to buy platform then definatelly go ryzen. What you save on xeon you will pay in electricity bills because that platform have WAAAAAY higher power consumption. Also you need good cooler while ryzen works on stock.
    Im on ryzen now but this video shows how much intel is ahead. They had CPUs equal to ryzen many years ago, just didnt wanted to give it to mainstream peasants.

  16. I like the X58 the best. The old Xeon X56xx are the best buy CPU's these days.. End of story. Here are 3 reasons why you should upgrade your X58 platform:
    1.You don't put more money into Intel (which is all about money making, not tech innovation these days.
    2. You don't support cheap mass productive labor factories that polute our planet with all this (really not nessesary) producition.
    3. You wan't to keep the better quality. The old X58 boards are made with premium quality. The new mainstream mainboards Z390 and X470 are just cheap made BS with LED's.
    If you can live with the 20% less performance (95% of us can), then spend your money on other things that can make you REALLY happy.


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