ALIENWARE AREA 51M REVIEW 2020 – 3080 RTX, 8 Core i9 10900K

Alienware Area 51m. Will Show You How To Upgrade this machine. Gaming analysis, Design, features, Ports, Answering all questions COMMENT BELOW!

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  1. Solid machine, have just been in the market and ended up going Clevo. I went to configure an Area 51m with same config as my Clevo and oh boy. Dell basically want $3k au more. But will still give the credit cause it looks a very solid machine. Good video, cheers

  2. I have too an alienware area 51m with 2070 graphichs i9-9900K 32 gb ram and samsung ssd but this machine is just fucked up. It gets lag without a reason. It is not compatible even with dell products. IT SUCKS.

  3. The thing i hate about it is the price, i can get all the same components on e Clevo chassis for almost half the price….

    Yes Clevo shells are ugly and the thermals might not be the best ( however you can upgrade the fans) but bang for the buck i simply cant justify the price point on the Alienware.

  4. Ill tell you about this laptop, is a massive pos that cant REALLY cool a 9900k properly, once cpu goes above 150w its a furnace no support for 9900KS either 😀 the 2080 had to be throttled 180w with latest bios to actualy support it properly else it goes to 85c overtime, oh and let me not mention the crappy support dell has to this thing, latest bios makes the 2080 downloack to 500mhz after 80c yay! geta clevo dont waste money on this. Paid 3200 for this and REALLY want to sell it now.

    Don't worry tho I'll fix the mistakes

  5. I stopped watching when you was complaining about removing screws. No we don’t want Japanese cheap snap on stuff we want a solid build with screws which results in a higher quality more professional look dude

  6. Nice video so far, just wanna let you know that its not the first time Dell implemented that black bracket thing within their laptops. I have the Alienware 17r4 and it also has it! I believe the r3 also has it to and I dont know why Dell would do such a thing! I love the design, it looks badass but come on! Why make it such a bitch to take apart? What if I need to replace the thermal compound or replace the screens ribbon cable?

  7. Thank you for the video! I just bought one with the 17% sale Dell is having now, and I contacted customer service and got a student discount too!! 2.3k for this beast, I'm excited 😁😁😁

    Do I need to put thermal paste on the laptop? Would you be able to do a video covering that? Sorry if you did cover it, the 2nd half went straight over my head haha

  8. MY MAN!!!! YOU UPLOADED A VIDEO ON THE 15 R3 EXACTLY WHEN I WAS LOOKING INTO IT AND NOW THAT I NEED A REPLACEMENT FOR IT AND AM LOOKING INTO THE M15 R2 (LEGEND DESIGN) YOU JUST POPPED BACK ON THE SURFACE!!! not to make this comment absurdly long but do ya think you can get a review unit for the rtx 2060 model of the m15 r2? You're like the most detailed reviewer ever who actually covers things useful to the consumer and not just unnecessary and irrelevant things crammed into 7-15 mins… Regardless, I'm about to completely indulge into 29 minutes and 36 seconds of Serge and Alienware goodness
    Much love,
    Your long time subscriber

  9. Hey Sarge, nice video. Do you think that you can get a review unit of MSI Prestige 15 (iteration of MSI PS 63)? I am really looking forward to the reviews of it, but as of now all i can find are some Japanese and Spanish people doing a hands on review of it.

  10. Hey guys standing by to answer all questions if the video is up I am still answering questions! Join me on steam to game on a rust or other games in the channel tab there is a steam link to add me on friends.


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