All Characters React To Arthur's Death – Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2)

Here are some reactions to Arthur’s death.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Ending & Finale. John Marston is able to go around and meet a few of his old gang members still around the map. The end credits show us a lot of hints about the characters current whereabouts. As a bonus, John is able to talk to a few strangers who knew Arthur Morgan well and they talk about him. Reaction

Old Gang Members
Dutch’s gang
Arthur Morgan
John Marston
Van der Linde Gang
Dutch van der Linde
Abigail Roberts
Bessie Matthews
Bill Williamson
Charles Smith
Davey Callander
Hosea Matthews
Jack Marston
Javier Escuella
Jenny Kirk
Josiah Trelawny
Karen Jones
Kieran Duffy
Lenny Summers
Leopold Strauss
Mac Callander
Mary-Beth Gaskill
Micah Bell
Molly O’Shea
Orville Swanson
Sadie Adler
Sean McGuire
Simon Pearson
Susan Grimshaw
Tilly Jackson

Alberto Fussar
Andrew Milton
Angelo Bronte
Catherine Braithwaite
Colm O’Driscoll
Eagle Flies
Hercule Fontaine
Leviticus Cornwall
Leigh Gray
Rains Fall
Albert Mason
Alphonse Renaud
Algernon Wasp
Andrew Bell III
Bray Aberdeen
Cave Dweller
Charles Châtenay
Charlotte Balfour
Deborah MacGuiness
Evelyn Miller
Francis Sinclair
Hamish Sinclair
Hayden Russell
Hector Fellowes
Henri Lemieux
Hermit Woman
Jean Marc Mercier
Jeremiah Compson
Jeremy Gill
Joe Butler
Killer Prostitute
L. Hobbs

Máximo Cristóbal Valdespino
Miss Marjorie
Marko Dragic
Obediah Hinton
Phineas T. Ramsbottom
Sampson Black
Sally Nash
Strange Man
Tammy Aberdeen
Theodore Levin
Wendell White
Algie Davison
Arthur Londonderry
Chick Matthews
Gwyn Hughes
J. John Weathers
Lilly Millet
Mrs. Londonderry
Nate Davison
Winton Holmes
Black Belle
Billy Midnight
Emmet Granger
Flaco Hernandez
Jim « Boy » Calloway
Slim Grant

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All Characters React To Arthur's Death – Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2)

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Comment (32)

  1. I only play as arthur morgan.. After complete arthur story i restart game now i playing 4th time continue. Chapter 3.. I live in Arthur because he's story same as me.. I lost my love & family & me get TB also..

  2. This is how I believe Arthur would describe himself. He was a bad man, but was trying to do the right thing. He knew he made some wrong choices, but he was near the end, we wanted redemption for what he had done.

  3. "Apology accepted. Trust denied" and "I forgive you but I will never forget and never trust you again"

    Then RDR2 game come with Arthur Morgan best sentence.
    "Don't forgive me", "I ain't looking for forgiveness" and "I gave you all i had". Simple but gave me a lot not just lessons learned from Arthur but the answer enough end the quotes my ex Fiance used above to describe my fate already sealed and can't be change.
    Thanks to the RDR2 walk through i watch in YouTube and thanks to Arthur Morgan, he saved my life.
    In less 12 hours after Fb post, my ex unblocked me.

    Moral of the story :
    Before you said i forgive but never forget or never trust again, try to look at the face of the person who broke your trust first.
    Just to make sure that he/she was still in the past or arrived from the past or you may end up the one who ruined it for pride blinded both eyes too much.

    Thank you Arthur, your life story save my life… I will never forget you. 😭😭😭

  4. When I first got to free roam as John in RDR2, I damn near cried. Not because I dislike him, but because the absence of Arthur's warm presence, and his occasional "Your alright Boay" to his horse left me feeling empty inside…

  5. I can't get Pearson to react like that. In both my play throughs. First time he acted like John was any old customer and my second game he just says "oh Hi John. What you need?"

  6. Arthur was probably the best character ive ever seen i mean you get to really liking im and sadly he dies but he dies a good man

  7. How to make the tears last longer: literally have character remember him like your friends would remember your folks.
    God damn it rockstar


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