Amazon's 👾NEW WORLD MMO 2021 PREVIEW EVENT STREAM #3 (World Boss Hunt, First Impressions, Q&A)

08/30/2021 The invasions of Aeternum have already smashed our settlements and now it’s time for revenge. Today – we come for them AND their bosses. Going for all 4-5 bosses on the island. Gathering all the warriors of US-West (Fanglethorn) server.

2021 Preview Event for Amazon’s New World is about to begin. It’ll be lasting a week unless they extend it and I plan on jumping into the Marauder faction. It’s finally time for us to experience the game together and be able to talk about our experiences, plus if you have any questions about the game itself that I can answer then join us here!

As always, diving right into this livestream for the New World Preview Event – while waiting for the New World official launch next year, we’ll be able to engage in a Q&As, future content discussion, previous interview details, and more!

Amazon New World Playlist –

Character Progression –

Previous combat analysis (Start here for the basics!) –

Official Trailer –

Dev Diary #4 (War & Invasions) –

interview from mmohuts –

Important Update on New World’s Release (Delayed) –

Sign up for Closed Beta –



Join forces with scores of other players to form powerful companies of craftspeople, mercenaries, prospectors and architects.
Claim territories and leverage your dominion to consolidate power and compel loyalty.
Fight for survival against enemy raiders, brutal wilderness, and gathering evil.
Craft hundreds of items, from magical elixirs and deadly weapons to sprawling fortifications.

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Amazon's 👾NEW WORLD MMO 2021 PREVIEW EVENT STREAM #3 (World Boss Hunt, First Impressions, Q&A)

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Comment (26)

  1. Fix fall damage so you cant just run straight but actually have to follow the map routes. This will cause players to go "oh hell no we need mounts then" and then it will be so. If the explorers arrived without animals to the new island to setup settlements first and are now waiting for the next wave of ships to arrive with the livestock we could see horses eventually. I would like to see breeding and horse skills, but not crazy animation clipped super sonic speed horses with drifting like BDO. Realistic horse speeds and limitations would keep the map still feeling large, while allowing quicker traverse.

  2. I have some questions regarding the Invasions:
    – Are the mob spawn points fixed or random?
    – Are they spawn waves in front of the Fort or All-around?
    – How many waves are there in total?
    – Are the mob waves always the same mobs? Or does this varies?
    – Which Siege Defense weapons are best for which waves?
    – What are according to you the best Emplacement points for Siege Defense weapons?
    – What was the best tactic according to you on beating all of the waves?
    – How did your Army communicate?

  3. Thanks for posting so many hours of video, you're the best place to come to on youtube for the true New World experience, appreciate that. Constantly answering repeat questions can get hard to listen to but I understand you're providing a help service to your stream.

  4. If this game was more like For Honor visually as well as the combat it would be a very good game. But it has no depth in the combat and leveling up everybody looks the same and has the same weapon…

  5. What he doesn't tell you is that he had his Company stay up all night to grind Corruptions in order to win the war(s) he is showing in this video. He also cuts out all of his deaths throughout the video to make himself look good, lost a war to him and his hoodlums solely because they had a 15+ level advantage on the best of the Syndicate within our server (Fanglethorn).

    This game will not cater to casuals, and anyone that tries to achieve the ranks of what he is showing without sacrificing their real life goals and relationships will be edged out within a month.

  6. can people who played the game talk about the combat system?
    If you watch the videos, it seems really primitive. A few skills with long cooldowns, and endless left buttong mashing for the same basic combos over and over again.
    is there more to it?


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