Angel Arena Reborn – Reaver Lord, one of their weird custom heroes with funny ability names

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Angel Arena Reborn – Reaver Lord, one of their weird custom heroes with funny ability names

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  1. in DS3 are only str builds good ? since when ? Katanas are Bad ? did you ever had a Char with high Luck (higher Bledding buildup) and Vigor (actully bleed does 15 % your Max hp as Dmg + a bonus based on your weapon) allmost every 2 hits you proc it and it deals 400+ dmg alone. And then Straight Swords just to call out 3 ,first Irithyll Straight Sword an Ice sword you pretty much get on the way that is super strong , second the Refined version of the Dark sword which just Has a scaling of B B for Str and Dex ,to easly do up to 500 dmg per hit , and then jea its a Endgame sword but Anri's Straight Sword just with stats to use it ( 10 each str and dex ) and 40 Luck (jep it scales with luck) it deals nearly 400 dmg per hit and best thing it gievs you HP regen and Scales with Str Dex Faith and Luck ( would just be missing int for every stat). And Ok Magic makes Some stuff a Little bit harder until some point were you just bomb everythign away (just lets not talk about DS1 Magic that 2 or 3 shots bosses) .

    You know why Str heavy weapon seems So nice and Easy cause it is there is Nothing realy you need to know how to use that it Big stick and hit stuff (no offence).
    I mean DS dmg calculation is like how fast you swing the Weapon (motion values) , with what part of you weapon you hit the enemy and sometimes even where you hit them. even just having the biggest shild is not Perfekt cause there are weapons that can ignor your blocking.
    Just use What you want every weapon typ has it Pros and Cons , so use what you want and have fun with , it mostyly allways if you are used to a weapon rather than it being "op"

  2. I’m not really into card games, but holy damn… good artwork is still good artwork! Do you have like… wallpaper files for photos like that? I’d be so happy

  3. In my opinion it would be great if you talked some more about game design. I am looking at my nearly finished psychological/party game of advanced mafia . Right now I am finishing the game and balancing it and changing last roles . Some card buildup tips would be super cool . I can also talk with you about my game on stream that would be great

  4. You should try recording without the mic basically inside your mouth. I'm not here for asmr of all the smacking noise a mouth makes. Your older videos are not like this. Other than that I enjoy your content.

  5. Magic is medium in darksouls? If you are talking about pure sorcery, it's more like hard to near impossible for like 2 fights every game, and baby mode for everything else.

    Personally I'd think shield builds are easiest overall (if like me you've primarily played dodge->attack builds, give it a try. You'd be surprised how op armor/block is). All melee weapons' difficulty only vary by how much realistic dps they do. Various magicks are op overall but have those 1-2 very difficult fights. Bows really could use some tuning.

  6. For dark souls 3, actually all 3 dark souls games, theres some very cool mods around.
    ds3 has the cinders mod, which is kinda an overhaul. and the challenge mode mod, which has a few VERY goofy fun modifiers. Like the JoJo mode, or pokemon

  7. Thank goodness for more diverse content than just CHC in a row. Countries might be getting hit by 2nd wave of covid but we are getting hit by 2nd wave of mostly CHC content.


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