Another GOLD On The Road To Damascus! | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare road to damascus continues as we get our latest golden weapon – the AUG! Become Awesome: Drink: …

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  1. Excuse me but why the heck does the scar exist? Handles like a boat, recoil sucks especially with flinch, aim walking speed is glacial, has only 20 rounds, and doesnt consistently kill in fewer bullets than many of the other weapons. Gun balance is hard

  2. I think I finally know why you're the enly person I'll watch CoD videos from. You don't take the game/yourself too seriously. You use crazy stuff and make unconventional plays to unlock skins, then you'll suddenly go off with random stuff like the knife.

    I've never cared for Call of Duty, but with your videos, I never know what to expect. I like that.


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