Anthem i9 10900k + RTX 3060 Performance Test (1080p & 1440p)

The Anthem Demo is out and the game looks glorious! If you’d like to support this channel: Buy RTX 3060 on Buy RTX …

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  1. I have already purchased 2060 now I'm just confused with cpu between 2600 and 9600k , I've seen 2600 gives more fps in Anthem (IdK how) , n I'll be playing that , but I've also seen 2600 gives very less fps on GTA v , which i also play. Why is it so hard to choose dammit.

  2. Hey guys, I am just starting with this channel and in the future I will make many more Hardware performance tests and comparisons like this.

    So you would really help me out by leaving a like and by subscribing. Thank you!


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