ARPGs of 2020 – News for Updates – Titan Quest – Grim Dawn – Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

We have some great news for 3 great arpgs currently on the market. Take a look and don’t forget to subscribe for more content and updates!

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  1. Seems like the Wolcen shrines are like the ones in D3 when you have the Nemesis Bracers, short buffs and a monster spawn, but more interesting. My guess is they don't want to tie a strong gameplay effect to a must have piece of gear. I like it personally.

  2. Φιλε να σε ρωτησω κατι? Της Πληροφοριες που της βρισκεις? Εγω εψαξα για Ατλαντιδα και Ρακναροκ για τις Κονσολες αλλα δεν βρηκα τιποτα.


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