Arthas' Fate In The Maw & Uther's Guilt – All Cutscenes [9.1 WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination]

Arthas Redemption. All Cutscenes. In 9.1, Chains of Domination, Uther enters his memories to encounter Arthas, his death & life’s regrets. Mood. Later, the Kyrian & Forsworn mend conflict by anointing a new Paragon of Devotion. Arthas may be redeemed as he was not judged by the Arbiter.

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Tyrande vs. Sylvanas. All Cinematics. In 9.1, Chains of Domination, Sylvanas Invades Winter Queen’s Forces. She summons the wrath of Tyrande, infused with Maximum Night Warrior Power. Her plot armor kicks in. Anduin steals the sigil from Jaina & Bolvar, as the Jailer tidies up his raid.

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World of Warcraft. Chains of Domination. All Cinematics up to 9.1 Recap. Includes Sylvanas vs. Bolvar, Nathanos vs. Tyrande, Anduin vs. Sylvanas, Mourneblade Reborn, Ysera’s Rebirth, Denathrius’ Betrayal & Covenant Campaigns with Kael’thas and Kel’thuzad & Arthas Memories.

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Arthas' Fate In The Maw & Uther's Guilt – All Cutscenes [9.1 WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination]

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    Hiya Folks! With the release of the Uther Kyrian questline earlier this week, 3 new cutscenes were added in addition to the previous memories of Uther. This compiles the questline in its entirety, in sequence. The new cutscenes are actually of the more better made ones this patch, with the movements & lip synch showing improvement. As of now, this is the closest we get to uncovering Arthas' fate in the maw, but some have stated he may have been used as a soul crystal in making Anduin's mourneblade. It remains to be seen. And since the Arbiter did not judge his soul, then redemption may be possible.

  2. This Uther retcon is so fucking stupid. And he wasn't supposed to get angry when Arthas was killing everyone he knew? Fucking stupid quest. Blizzard can't even recicle their characters right. When I saw Thrall was back I immediately knew things where going bad in Blizzard. For them to take poor Thrall out of retirement and throw him in Torghast was just sick. Now they want bloody Arthas back and spit in our faces after we cracked him at Icecrown just like with Illidan.


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