Ashes Reborn – Gameplay feat. Odette Versus Victoria

Steven is back to help Zach complete his deckbuilding process before trying four of the updated Phoenixborn from Ashes Reborn!

Suggested budget start: Ashes Starter Set + Subscription.
Suggested full start: Ashes Starter Set + Law of Lions + Song of Soaksend + Subscription

Ashes Starter Set:
Law of Lions:
Song of Soaksend:


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Ashes Reborn – Gameplay feat. Odette Versus Victoria

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  1. Again Steven is rolling far too heavy into conjurations. The power of a phoenixborn having a spellboard of 5 is to have ready spells that can assist in your strategy when your battlefield is full. You can still activate the summon shadow hound for its focused triggers. Ready spells are the most powerful thing you can bring due to the repeating effect. You are losing a huge amount of power by filling up on summon spells. With the heavy control core you built a spell like abundance would be very good for you. Extra card draw helps you to draw into focusing your spells and closing your opponent out of the game once they are out of cards.

  2. Oh and for Steven. How about Open Memories? Using it to focus Shadow Hound seems solid. I think your opening 5 was Seal, Hound, Spirit, Monk, and Inversion. You could replace Inversion for Open, since it's kind of MU dependent anyways. You could summon 3 units, either focusing Hound, or in some MUs get a double Spirit or Monk with the Hound. You can of course grab Inversion against Wraith (or Silver Snakes!).

  3. I don't know if the design is proprietary, but have you considered Boggle-style dice shakers for Ashes? Transparent dome over a grid of dice-sized holes for the dice to fall into? I'm always afraid that I'm gonna accidentally cheat and knock one of the dice to a better side when I'm organizing them, that could eliminate that issue.

  4. I don't know if the lion/law combo is good with SB3. Sounds good maybe in Maeoni, but for Odette seems like you'll have a clogged or dead spellboard (esp with only 1 summonable lion) and dead law draws. I guess you can meditate them, but still.

  5. I bought the old base game, and the old 2 deluxe expansions. I will be signing up for a subscription today for the reborn stuff.

    I’m not really sure what the most effective way to do this is though to be honest.

    Would it have been better to wait for the reborn starter and then just buy the reborn expansions as they come out?
    Or buy the old core set and deluxe and buy the upgrade kit and get the reborn expansions a they release?

  6. I like your comment about Zach focusing on fearful domination angels. That's very traditional actually! Look up what accurate angels look like, wheels of eyes on fire! The first thing they say is often "Do Not Fear".


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