BAD NEWS about Modern Warfare!

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  1. I'm going to be completely honest here.
    I didn't watch the videos you uploaded from your trip, because I didn't recognize the thumbnails. I'm subbed to many many channels so I always scroll through my subs tab very quickly. These videos had very different looking thumbnails from your usual so I didn't notice that they were yours.

  2. I just wanna day that Sony did like Xbox did for many years and payed Activision for special rights to their content since they bought that right they usually got map packs early since they changed that 1 year for a special mode is not that bad a price to pay for the right to play map packs in the same time I personally think

  3. I love you, Driftor, and your content has always made me feel like you're not trying to be a teacher but you're a good friend teaching, or telling a good friend about some new information pertaining COD. If you end up having to leave COD I understand 100% because it's kind of been a dead content zone recently. Most pro players don't even post legitimate videos anymore which is one of the biggest factors imo. But, anyways… do your thing, dude.

  4. You talk about your situation for half the video, when I clicked on it based on the thumbnail. Maby your doing this too often or for too long and that's the reason for your concern about views. Less than half of it was about COD.

  5. I have held out on a wish that the cod franchise will come back with a great game, but this is the last year I am giving them a chance before I permanently leave the franchise. Always loves the games untill the last 5 years or so 😪

  6. rockstar did the same thing giving its fans a not complete game with its gta 5 and red dead redemption 2 when it was released with just the story mode and then everything else later so if there doing that with cod now like wtf.

  7. I've subscribed back in the cod ghost days and that's what I still play today. Ever since ghost the game got more and more monetized. Skins back then cost 2 bucks, no strings attached. Something unimaginable for those companies these days… it really sucks how the gaming industry has suffered from greed and corporate suits.


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