Bad News For Cyberpunk 2077 At E3 2020 OR Community Over-Reaction?

In Today’s Cyberpunk 2077 video we are talking about the state of Reddit and to a lesser extent Discord at the moment when it comes to people losing their minds over some of the latest Cyberpunk 2077 news, and trying to put this “bad news” into perspective. I think a lot of online gaming communities tend to devolve into guilty until proven innocent mentalities when it comes to developers these days, for no fault of their own.

Now if you guys are unaware a lot of this backlash is coming off the heels of new knowledge that gameplay from the private demo and the public showcase at E3 2020 will not be recorded or livestreamed and posted online. This has led fans of CD PROJEKT RED and Cyberpunk 2077 into being pretty upset and concerned, Based off the fact that it took so long for CDPR to release their 48 minute gameplay last year after they showed it at E3 and Gamescom 2020. This along with recent statements and coupled with the fact that CDPR has promised their biggest showcase ever has left some people confused.

First off, we know CDPR are perfectionists, and they are going to take their time in development. Based off recent statements saying that the game is quite different and development is an iterative process, them showcasing it to a select few for opinions at-least initially is the same philosophy they had last year. Quite different means again that they are in the same boat as they were before they released their 2020 demo to the panels at E3 and Gamescom.

Next, We don’t know their E3 plans in the slightest. They are not showing the gameplay from the on floor event from 11th and 13th, but that does not count out the possibility of a general gameplay trailer, CGI trailer, screenshots, info-dumps, interviews, story details, dev diaries and more. In fact Lilayah the Cyberpunk 2077 community manager has even said that there will be content for those of us at home including suprises when pressed as to why the demos will only be seen by attendees. Remember Sony is not showing up. Cyberpunk 2077 will have to carry a lot of the weight

Now they have also claimed their biggest E3 ever. Again we do not know their plans for E3 but large elements of their marketing scheme is going to be shrouded in the air of mystery and surprise. They have said this publicly for some time as well as saying they will have their largest marketing campaign ever. Some of this marketing budget has to be allocated into giving us content at home, which make up 99% of the chunk of the people with eyes on 2077, a thorough look at E3. If these statements end up being false, I think there is a reason to be upset and I think some of the statements they’ve made in their marketing would be misleading in terms of the way it was presented.

As for right now, I think it is okay to dial back expectations like always. I do think this is a massive overreaction from people and I definetlye think it stems from the frustration of such a long wait, lack of news, and details and no supplementation through the months with screenshots, concept art or meaningful content we can visualize in the span between E3 and last year. This doesn’t necessarily mean doom and gloom and I think this rewards patience. With that being said lets wait until the entire conference unfolds to determine if it was a disappointing showing or not, and if the hype they have generated was justified especially in terms of them saying “their biggest E3 showing ever”. For now, sit back, relax and wait for E3.

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  1. We were spoto get a hour of game play all we get was 15 minutes of gameplay it was bullshit its 2020 now its 96 days to release if their gona show as anything Al's their not much time left

  2. man if they don't release the game soon the hype will kill this game before it is even released 2012 is when it came on the radar.
    I do worry about games with a long run up with hype like this can tend to be a lemon in the end.
    but in saying that I can't wait.

  3. I think a lot of people have just been burned so much lately by companies it doesn't take much for the fans and The gamers to get irritated and jump to conclusions but CD has never done us wrong so let's wait and see what happens.

  4. I think people aren’t trying to be confrontational they’re trying to get a clarification when they “complain”. What exactly are they (cdpr) planning to do for E3’s home audience? Yes we can wait longer, but we need an incentive. We like a reward system right? I think this E3 that reward is the release date, not exactly like “Feb 12” or whatever but something like “coming this spring”

  5. I'm back, Neon! You might know me as Kevin R. Peña, but I changed profiles. This is my new online Alias now. I've been soooo far away from Cyberpunk 2077. I gotta reconnect, you're my one to source. I had an AP Exam that was stressing me out. Aside from that, congrats man! I heard you were graduating High School in one of your videos. I got one more year to go.😂😂😂I GOT THIS!!! Yeah, just a couple more days for a 2077 reveal…can't believe its been an entire year since they showed us. From what I can tell though, they WILL be showing us something. You guys get a SNEAK PEAK, huh?😁 Hope everything goes well, and that you guys enjoy.😁 Thats gonna be one delicious dish of 2077.😆😆😆

  6. Sorry but i dont agree with defending this as a fan. Dont show up to a public event if everything's going o be private. Its not an over reaction its a public event ffs. In other words pull a kojima and surprise us or fuck off.

  7. Quite possibly Jackie's car plate number (NC20 CP77) wasn't just the password to get your e-mail collected after 2018 E3……NC20? – If you ask me, we had release year in front of us all that time 🙂

  8. Hey neon what happened to your last video titled "waiting for E3?" I remember seeing a video titled that from you in my notifications but went to watch it later and didn't get to watch it until now but i can't find it… youtube problems or maybe just a re-upload for some reason?

  9. i wonder where all that "backlash" is coming from? At least in my lil cyberpunk bubble no one was complaining.

    More like "they are going to hype some influencers up even more then the rest. That's okay."
    as for me, i just hope for a really good and long therm game – and possibilites to cosplay stuff

  10. I don't think we'll see cyberpunk until 2021 because they know that everyone in the world will pre-order that game just because we have so much respect for that company I remember when rock star was a great company I remember one Bethesda was a great company r i p to the once great companies.
    I'm cheapest Funk and I have never ordered a special edition but believe me when I say this I will for cyberpunk 77

  11. They already said long ago that any footage made during development is prohibited. Only due to the fact its still in development and the last thing they want is to show something only for there to some sort of change and its been altered or removed. They said this a long time ago

  12. Dude. it sounds like niggas is worried about nothing. Who gives a fuck if they won't give us a release date or show their game play to the full public. Remember every Bethesda game since skyrim? When they showed us all of the good stuff in their games and threw us a shitty rushed release date, before putting out a game full of bugs with average graphics knowing full well we would rush to spend our money after they spend months telling us about all the shit we could do in their games? Leave projekt red alone. Don't over hype their fucking game because your going to disappoint yourself. Don't act like every little thing is cause to call them out. Because from what I can tell there has been no evidence to suggest that this will be a bad game, or that the company is not handling its production with care. Curiosity and contemplation are not the same as cause and evidence. Just shut up and wait for the damned game.

  13. Yeah let them take the time they need to make it cdpr perfect. Plus it's already going to be crowded this year. Deathstranding is going to come out in November. Plus others I know. So yeah I'm cool with whatever time they need. Cdpr has my trust and confidence. How bout they release it in Jan for my bday. Hah. Cdpr obsidian kojima. Big three. 💪💪💪

  14. Honestly I dont care when its done even if its beyond the 2021 absolute deadline they mentioned at financial review. Aslong as they do best can to have it clean and finished at launch. How ever i have feeling that alot of statements lately have been more of a smokescreen to catch the gaming community off guard when they announce its ready earlier than expected by the majority of them. I could be dead wrong but its just the vibe im getting


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