BATTLE PASS Prop Hunt Game Mode in Fortnite

We do prop hunt for our LOOT!

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Comment (35)

  1. You could try this combo,
    Have air strikes, smoke grenades, shockwaves, combat shotgun, ar or sniper (preferably a heavy sniper with auto reload) shockwave to someone, throw smoke on them, throw an air strike on their foot, and listen to them scream in confusion, like so he can see this and all his friends are gonna say, is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's so toxic

  2. first ssundee can you give my a shot out my name is Rosabell pls give me a shot out am subscribed asol can you subscribed to my sister and i love your videos
    ssundee: your a tred
    puzzler: ew go to the bathroom then
    henwy: noo i died first
    ssundee: your a bout henwy
    me: haha henwy is a boat he always dies first
    pls coment if you read this


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