Battlefield 2042 broken by Battlefield 2042 Hype…

Battlefield 2042 hype has people playing Battlefield 2042 again, and the servers are rammed… Playing some lovely Gun Master on BF2042 and discussing everything, enjoy! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

Battlefield 2042 broken by Battlefield 2042 Hype…

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  1. This is just gamers showing Dice what they like. Hoping the new BF would be something like this. Past two in the series has been just a graphics showoff, playability being put aside.

  2. I redownloaded 4 about 3 months ago I’m already level 124. Im on ps4 and servers are pretty good. I used to play it on ps3 back in the day and loved it. I came back and man I don’t wanna let this game go. Such a great game

  3. I would argue that as an overall package: campaign, multiplayer, maps, guns, graphics, and longevity. Battlefield 4 is the most successful BF of them all. I loved BF1 just as much, feel sad it didn't get the same love.

  4. i´m actually playng the campaign for the first tim and man this game still looks great. is the ai the best? no but still, great fun. looking forward to the mp after clearing the campaign


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