Battlefield 2042 Campaign: 7 YEARS LATER

Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1. Welcome to the official series of the all new Battlefield 2042, this series will include the full game story. Battlefield 2042 review and first impressions. This BF2042 series will include the full game story walkthrough missions, with all guns and levels.

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Battlefield 2042 Campaign: 7 YEARS LATER

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Comment (38)

  1. This campaign is so shit. Ik this game came out in 2013 but the graphics are so ass. Even older games look better. The story sucks and so does all of the missions. The tanks suck the guns suck everything is so bad. The only reason his graphics are good is because of modifications

  2. At this point, Battlefield 6 has potential to beat out Cold War. Activision really trying to keep the main focus at warzone, milking it to the ground. Hopefully this gives Dice momentum.


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