Battlefield 2042 – Game Movie

Battlefield 2042 Game Movie


Gameplay: ThaBamboozler

Game Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE)
Game Publisher: Electronic Arts

Against the backdrop of a global conflict between US, Russia and China, Battlefield 2042 puts you in the boots of US Marine Sgt. Daniel Recker, member of the Tombstone squad.

Battlefield 2042 – Game Movie

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  1. i find it weird that an entire US flotilla was so easily reduced to just 1 ship with just some chinese gunboats and choppers… kinda ruins the naval aspect of immersion for me. otherwise its a good game

  2. Ok time for BF4 and 3 theroy!
    1st. Ok someone already make this threoy that the Hopkin in the 1st level Hopkins as the Evac is the same hopkins that was in the jet in BF3.
    2nd. The aircraft carrier that got destoryed in BF4 is the same ship in BF3 where Hopkins and the other poilt was driving the jet… Proof in the mission south china sea, where you fought your way off the ship you can see F/2 super Hornets, the same jet that hopkins was in at in BF3.
    3nd. Dima in BF4 is the same dima in BF3…. Proof? Dima said he trusted you because your a American like Blackburn was is BF3 btw he said "when you survive a nuclear explodion like i have" reference to the Paris nuke at BF3. At one time in the mission as you try to escape the prison dima says "speznas and marine" that might be him refuring to Blackburn and him, dima because dima was in the speznas in BF3. Now you might be wondering. "Then how did dima get into the Chinese prison?"
    Ok ima give you my theory of what happend. At the end of BF3 when dima was in a house with a glock, someone knock on the door and after that dima clockes the gun and opens the door and the russain version of the FBI shows up. Dima killes him and was on a run from the russain FBI and he walked on foot or drove a car to china to order to not be hunted down and killed. He havent eaten for days and thats why in BF4 he got Skinner. As he was running away. The russain president warind to the chinses president about dima fleeing to there country so in china the police was looking out for him but dima didnt know…. Later on the police found dima and dima and the chinses police had a fight and maybe thats how dima how has a scar on his eye… After the fight the police got the uper hand and errested dima and put him in prison…. Until BF4 started. Edit-: sorry if I have misspells but like this theroy or not? Comment if i got it wrong or not and sorry i was lazy

  3. Hi saya dari indonesia zaya ada di ps saya tapi ps saya rusak dari thn 2017 dan itu juga saya sedih abis di perbaiki ada permainan yg nama nya call of duty nah aku seneng tuh aku udh namatin
    Call of duty
    Saya ps nya rusak lg jd saya nonton aja di youtube btw saya udh tamat semua game


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