Battlefield 2042 Gun Master is Still Awesome!

I decided to launch up Battlefield 2042 and play an old favourite game mode of mine « Gun Master » on one of the only available servers! This mode is still so much fun and I hope we get to see it again in Battlefield 2042! Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

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▶ Battlefield 2042 GUN MASTER Is Still Awesome!

Battlefield 2042 Gun Master is Still Awesome!

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  1. The Gun Game mode was first introduced as a mod in Counter-Strike 1.6. Since CS is a team based game the original gun game was played with two teams. DICE probably just copied that instead. Another reason for it being team based could also be that all other modes in Battlfield is team based so it was easier that way. Gun game started in counter-strike as a mod first, then became mods for a lot of other games even COD2 and COD 4, it wasn't an original game mode in COD until COD Black Ops. The game mode name was originally Gun Game, Call of duty kept the same name but Dice has called it Gun Master.

  2. Speaking of footsteps, Battlefield 5 did a horrible job with that. Yeah they're loud but if there's more than one person around you all you hear is loud thuds everywhere with no general direction. Sometimes I even get snuck up on and hear no footsteps coming from the guy that killed me. Footsteps in bf5 are so bad lol

  3. Bro you’re just crazy! I love your content!
    Even I have a gaming channel but I don’t get enough views, how do you get soo many? Any advice for a fellow youtuber? Please!

  4. wtf –p90 rate of fire is worse the ak-105 xD game devs should do their research about the guns …battlefield 2042 will be same disaster as battlefield 1 ..tons of cheaters 😛 they dont care !!1

  5. Nooo Tom the next BF needs suppression. I've been playing a lot of BFV recently and there is NONE in that game. It really shows. With no suppression or flinch, the snipers are kings on that game and it pisses me off as a non-sniper. Putting like, 5 bullets into someone with a fairly bouncy gun, only for him to just look at me and click once on my head. There's no penalty for taking damage in that game other than the damage you have taken and it's not good.


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