Battlefield 2042 has not been beaten… Yet.

Battlefield really is special some times, and Battlefield 2042 did so many things right. It’s still one of the best game. Chaos and Epic moments in todays video plus some Jet gameplay! Can’t wait for Battlefield 6! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

Battlefield 2042 has not been beaten… Yet.

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  1. ibeen palying this for afew months now and let me say the acr is not this good for me and the amount of hit markers i get are unbelievable i do not remember kill time being that long

  2. Definitely harder to set up without an advanced gearbox or electronic hammer system, but autoburst is fun with a gun. Keep holding the trigger and it'll keep shooting like in full-auto, but with breaks between certain amounts of shots. Nice when games have it available for their guns but even nicer in real life.

  3. BF4 was always my faz of the FPS format. I’ve not really liked any of the others since. Even pvp waz fun then. I loved jumping in the helo’s and running a muck. The single player missions were first rate and I often repeated the whole lot just for fun.

  4. Fr this was one of the few games were if I got bored I’d simply switch to a different class and have a different experience each time😂😂

  5. BF3 n 4 are the best im so dissapointed with 2042. the games gonna flop. no one wants that futuristic shit. i was excited for a Current BF3/4 instead we get a branch of stupid cod when they went futuristic with booster suits unlimited range grappling hooks. no thanks. realism for me over any of that future shit it just bores me


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