Battlefield 2042 in 2021 is Still Awesome

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Battlefield 2042 in 2021 is Still Awesome

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  1. Are there any regular players on battlefield 4 on Xbox one or Xbox series X that would like to add me and play on a regular basis? I’m getting ready for the battlefield 2042, I would like to meet some good friends and have a lot of vehicle fun. Add me. JCT Ohio

  2. Nobody:

    People in the comments: You must not be a vet! No, you must not be a vet.

    Me, an intellectual: The veterans are/have been tired of this specific kind of bickering lol

  3. can someone from usa help me?
    this is game is free in amazon prime gaming…and prime gaming is not available can someone please claim and send the game code(if they dont want it) please?
    I'm kinda broke if you help me I would appreciate that 🙂
    (p.s. i never played any bf multiplayer this is free rn so wanna right)

  4. In my opinion, Battlefield 3 was the peak of the entire series. 2142 is the best Battlefield ever made though, and 4 was great too, but it begun the downfall with the crate system. Super excited for 2042 as it’ll feature a similar content lineup to MW. Think it’s a good move for EA & DICE, and it’s very beneficial for the players as well. Hope they don’t add any shortcuts again like in the previous installments for easy unlocks!


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