Battlefield 2042 is a waiting room for Battlefield 2042!

Player numbers are high and all of my favourite servers are full!

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Battlefield 2042 is a waiting room for Battlefield 2042!

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  1. Amazon prime gaming is not available in my country I always wanted to play the game and I saw steam sale and purchased it and playing the game.

  2. Yesterday I joined a few almost empty lobbies (like max 6 players and by the end of the match they filled up to 60+ players so if you cant join a server might be worth it to jump into a smaller match. If you're playing with friends it might fill up faster too.

  3. I really like ur videos but surprises me that you play on the normal mode. For me, hardcore is the only way to play this and also this is might be the last console war with a decent hardcore mode. Also if you guys use any kind of assist on aiming you are doing it wrong! 🙂 but yeah keep up the good work

  4. Great bf4 gets popular again,and my Xbox 1x is playing up.I wanted to get into the bf4 action again,so I not always coming up against bf vets on bf4 servers in past.I not complaining cos it got me playing better.but I want to DOMINATE in my tankie ☮️☯️🇬🇧

  5. Played the Beta thru the Medal of Honor Warfighter pre-order, have a few hundred hours on Bf4 myself, love the game but I haven't bought another EA game since because of what they did to the MoH franchise. Might have to break that streak because the new Bf looks cool


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