Battlefield 2042 is Thriving Again in 2021

Revisiting Battlefield 2042 after the hype surrounding the Battlefield 2042 reveal and since we were all itching to play Battlefield again, we thought it could be fun to go back to BF2042 which is the most recent modern military game in the franchise! Servers are almost always at full capacity at the moment and the game has been injected with new life! Playing with @jackfrags @Aculite & @StoneMountain64 Leave a like for more BF2042! Thanks for watching!

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▶ Battlefield 2042 is Thriving Again in 2021

Battlefield 2042 is Thriving Again in 2021

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  1. Definitely like you playing with Jack!!I've been watching his content for quite some time now and he always has some awesome Battlefield vids. Anyway thanks for the amazing content as always brotha and I can't wait until the next one 🖤🖤

  2. Lols, all these tubers now preaching BF4 even though they've not touched for years just so they can get some type of access to an Alpha or Beta so they can spam it on their channel before the general gamers get access.

  3. Still remember the day I picked up bf3 on Xbox… Hated how it played and pure rage when I couldn't even string a 2 killstreak.. stuck with it and been a daily player till today on BF4 and hard-line still have full servers on most modes 8 years down the line….. 8 years wow

  4. The problem is that it runs at 720p on Xbox series x . Playing it on a 4k monitor ( any monitor in fact ) after 7 years makes the sharpness defeciencies glaring. It's hard to watch. I wish dice would give us a quick up res before October when everyone shifts.

  5. shit dude, just going over some stuff i wrote down a few weeks back, sorry. think i got all heavy on ya. was 4am, blackout drunk. only reason i think commented on a think of yours is cause i wrote it down n had ur name up the top.

    more battlefield shit talking tho, shit's fun to watch or have on in the background.

  6. You, Jack, Aculite and Stone are my favorite Warzone players. Jack's probably my favorite, but you know, it's not a contest or anything. Great seeing all 4 of you playing together. Been trying to get my friends to jump into some BF4 since it was free on Prime Gaming as well. One of these days.

  7. I started playing bf4 again on ps4 and let me tell you this. This game is fire .the battles are so intense and there’s so much action when you play online. I always just stick to team death match or conquest. I’m level 102 colonel.

  8. Hey Tom, you may not see this because this vid was released a few days ago but I just watched your original face reveal from 2020. Just wanted to say that I loved your Q&A and you gave me some great $$$ pointers and social pointers for starting a new gaming channel. You a total stud muffin – love you bro!!!

  9. People still play this reminds me of the time on bf3 Xbox when my friends need the bow but no one was playing, there was 5 people in one match we had 3 so we wait and then the game was full somehow.


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