Battlefield 2042 Sniping is Still Great!

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Battlefield 2042 Sniping is Still Great!

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  1. Bullet drop is WAY more accurate than in cod. As is distance relative to your position. Under 300m most sniper rifles will shoot damn near flat with very little deflection from wind. In COD there’s massive bullet drop at just 100m. And 100m in a scope looks more like 300m. The mechanics are screwy

  2. If you don't like bloom don't use LMG's, there are exceptions but the LMG line typically has a larger bloom so you will find yourself tapping more than you would with an assault rifle and the like unless you bipod up but that makes you too vulnerable. That being said, as an M60 main there is nothing like having a 100 round DMR that destroys at long range and if you hit the shots is only beat by a few guns close range. And last but not least if you're looking to boost your score, get yourself a buddy to repair and tank it up. PS Try the m98b, it's got some more damage that I find useful rather than the less drop that you get with the srr

  3. So it is not the gun that has no bullet drop, but that scope auto zeros. so doesn't care what sniper you use, if you have that scope on. you can just point at the guys head. Still have to compensate for the fly time. And no scope glint. and C4, you can use it in the water.

  4. Jng-90 is my favorite sniper with the 6x scope and 14x variable, straight pull obviously, it has incredibly fast bullet speed and is so satisfying with it's handling, it makes leading shots easy and fun try it out

  5. I'm really glad battlefield caught the eye of a lot of popular gaming channels again and wanting to go back and play it, whoever the marketing team is for Dice needs a raise ASAP because they waited for the battle royale scene to fade a little and a lot of gamers were now getting the itch to play a new shooter and they kept the anticipation real for this next game that people cant wait that they went back to bf4 just to pass the time… Truly amazing especially for my love for the game

  6. Hey Aculite I am really glad that you hop on BF4 again. It is still a great game. If you are really interested in the ins and outs of weapons and attachments I can recommend marbleducks elaborations on this topic. But I can boil it down for you: alway use use Compensator and Stubby/Potato grip. Those attachments heavily reduce the random, hence uncontrollable, horizontal recoil. Use a suppressor if you want to stay of the minimap and there is no difference between any of them.
    Dice did a mediocre job with the attachments in BF4. Many of them are straight up duplicates of others (stubby == potato-grip) and some of them are just useless (muzzle break).
    Also in a quite late patch dice removed the irritating „visual recoil“ which caused your guns to „desync“ with the spot where your bullets land. With that removal now your gun shoots where you are actually pointing at (not incorporating the horizontal recoil).
    If you have any other questions, feel free to reply. I might be able to help with my 1.7k hours in this game. ^^
    Don‘t let the weapons stats, other major Youtubers (and also some commentators) fool you. The attachments system is way simpler than it seems and there is actually a definitive choice (as mentioned above). Marbleduck proves all of this with actual in-code insights and relevant gun/attachments statistics and metrics.

  7. Angled grip for accuracy with high recoil, tap burst for range. Sniper bullet velocity is low unless you use SRR, JNG90 or M98B or the lower damage models. All the Chinese weapons have good performance as do the the ACEs and SCAR, SV best for range in the DMRs. Best LMG for me is the AK12 for accuracy and range, M249 for versatility and M60 for damage and accuracy.

  8. The Bullet Drop and the Poorly Implemented Zeroin was so fucken ass I gave up on the Sniper Class as a Whole. Mad respects to anyone that masters it. M416 all the way for me though.

  9. The last truly GOOD ! Snipers game for satisfaction the JNG90 Is the beat rifle to learn on as a sniper or the scout. If you can understand how they work in game the level up guns for bullet drop etc are child’s play

  10. Battlefield is a mans game, COD has become a child’s game many years ago. They grab onto COD for the content and add ons. Battlefield never had kids because it was a proper shooter and required patients and skills as a player. Battlefield will alway be superior even if they release inferior games. BF4 Snipers was always the best fun and far more satisfying for kills,
    Rather than COD

  11. Im so happy people are picking up the game again, it has been one of my favorites for so long and it really does hold up to todays standards, other than the weird bloom thing. I hope and dont think bloom/"accuracy" will return with 2042 but I'm so happy people are re-experiencing the fun this game has to offer and I hope you make BF4 content 😀


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