[Battlefield 5] BIG Updates & Patches – NEW Weapons & Dice Apology! [This Week on the Battlefield]

BIG Updates & Patches – NEW Weapons & Dice Apology! Big things are coming to Battlefield V in the near future! Bfv Update 4.4 is just around the corner, …

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  1. as much as i want DICE to turn this ship around i doubt it will be enough. the damage has been done many bridges burned completely. i really want this to be a good game since i know it will never be a great game.( just too many flawed mechanics in the game to really make it great but that is just my opinion)
    but for it to become good we need more then just content. classes will have to be re-balanced sooner or later and weapons in that matter two.
    an apology is nice and all but has been long overdue and by all stretches of the imagination it was not just chapter 4 that completely tanked the trust in BFV, it was more every decision that lead to chapter 4 that lead to the community loosing faith and patience by now.

  2. I havnt played for about a month now. was a huge defender of this game but enough is enough. next weapon is yet another reason to lie down and camp the whole game. might try the week after that sounds interesting.


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