[Battlefield 5] Boys AT Rifle – ONE Shot MADNESS – Is it OP or USELESS?! [Weapon Review / Guide]

Boys AT Rifle – ONE Shot MADNESS – Is it OP or USELESS?! The first of bf5 new anti material rifles is here! The bfv boys at rifle is the newest addition to the …

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  1. This gun is over powered I don't see any point in support class anymore I mean seriously the lmgs are really not accurate at all unless using semi automatic then you still need a good few shots to take down your enemy yet the boys just needs one so really what's the point I used to be able to out shoot snipers it was a fair battle but not anymore more

  2. I get killed by that gun more than any other weapon. How is a one shot one kill weapon with a magazine not op. Sometimes fools just fall on the ground when they see u and u hit them 3 times but boom your dead. the reason people are having so much fun with it is becouse its op.

  3. somewhat lackluster if you ask me, its just a glorified medium range one shot sniper, i find it funny that dice can't even put out one weapon without that being bugged, and the fact that code in video games nowadays is more segmented or in their own containers makes it basically no excuse for there to be any bugs with it, because the code thats broken is just for the weapon itself, which means other lines of code in the game should not conflict with it or cause any logical errors.

  4. There isn't only OP or USELESS. This weapon has another kind of problem: it is SIMPLY WRONG. You are forced to use the bipod, you must be passive, you can't help your team… but when an unlucky player walks in front of you, you can kill him without any skill or aim.

  5. Decent weapon. I was able to get all Four upgrades and its ok. Defensive yes but satisfying when you get a kill across the map. This is so far the only weapon Where the Variable zero is useful because of its insane bulletdrop.I think its balanced.

  6. Well for all the nerds that say the gun take skill to use I say go piss yourself. Right now it's a camp fest with the fucking AT Gay rifle in the fields, everybody is prone camping like a biatch and I tell you that from the perspective of a agresive sniper like me.I play on XBOX1X and in the last 2 days I was killed 90% only by this gun even in close range encounters were the hip fire is God for those who use this trash.I mostly play Enfield and quickly follow up shots on this nerds but mostly of the time you can do nothing about it…..because you can fucking see them laying down like bitches.

  7. this weapon was one of THE WORST things to happen to battlefield. a one shot rifle that you can sling hip-fire with is bullcrap. all people do is run around with these things or camp in squads of 3-4 and just shoot , shoot & shoot.

  8. I think your analysis is right on. I had to sit back and defend. I was able to work with my squad to make a forward motion to take conquest points but it took a lot of communication and they pushed and I covered. 32k 9d Narvick conquest. Sorry if that’s miss spelled.

  9. omg this weapon is so fun to play. im a very agressive player and mostly orefer close range combat but this gun gives me the challenge to choose my position well. today i found out this weapon is such beast if you lay down ON a friendly tank as firesupport xD. 20/1 in around 10 min nobody was expecting such a combo. btw i allready unlocked the gold skin…and…wow it looks so awsome on it.

  10. As a at rifle it's not the best there is a bug I have came across to when shooting a tank I dont get any markers or and any message of damage done but the best use for the weapon on vehicles is transport vehicles the half track or four wheel truck one shot the the engine compartment could really stop to vehicles or at least make it move as slow as a snail helping friendly tanks take out infinity vehicles or making it so that enemy teams take longer time to get to a objective I opted for the zeroing and engaging enemy that are firing a friendly targets sometimes getting a kill most of the time dropping there health so friendly can finish them off on objective it is useful for taking out builds enemy is hiding out in or camping in sometimes able to get the one hit threw a wall but that is rare unless you cheese with the spotter eye Glass marking enemies threw walls and really any location on the map unless they are on the other side of smoke aircraft I did 17 damage (really on accident) on the tail fin but would recommend do to bullet travel speed as for stationary weaponry haven't fully tested it and ricishay is a thing but best use it buildings transport vehicles enemies under 100meters and most fortifications usually three shots on top of sandbags one shot on mettle poles for barbed whirring


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