[Battlefield 5] NEW Maps at Gamescom – 5v5 Competitive & Next August Patch! [This Week on the Battlefield]

NEW Maps at Gamescom – 5v5 Competitive & Next August Patch! Next Week looks to be promising for Battlefield V. With gameplay and information on the two …

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  1. While battlefield youtuber are making videos crying about the game, spreading negativity and telling us about the game's stat that we all know, you are making very helpful and awsome videos, thank you, for real❤️

  2. what exactly is wrong with bf5? name 3 issues that aren't superficial or petty- because that's all these YouTubers are being.

    Cant hardly call this a news wrap up- it's so distraught with emotional opinions that I can't take it seriously.

  3. Right now, what I'm waiting for is guns and rsp news so i know when i can start a frontlines/rush server.

    They should put cosmetics and melees in chapter rewards. Not dedicate a week out of tow to them.

  4. 7 weeks of shitty TOW cosmetics and melee weapons, when can we actually get content? We already know they have a shit ton of weapons prepped to realease, so when will we get them? Come on DICE

  5. DICE most likely has it all ready to release after gamescom.
    but even more content wont help in fixing the core issues of BFV. it will only distract for a week or so before we are back where we started. but hey the DEVS/interns left with BFV most likely have yet another way of not only disappointing everyone but making even more long time fans question their sanity and leaving for greener pastures

  6. In Spanish, we have a phrase: "Tienes que ponerte las pilas". Basically it means you need to get your act together and deliver.

    This game CAN be great but it needs some serious work. With the upcoming Patch 4.4, that should hopefully resolve most of the connectivity issues, rubber banding, etc.

    Now we need CONSISTENT and a much larger pool of maps and weapons in this game to keep the interest going. We need new gadgets and factions ASAP.

    This game can be awesome but DICE needs to give stable and efficient leadership and deliver on these things


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