BATTLEFIELD 5 – The Last Tiger – All Cutscenes

Battlefield V All Cutscenes The Last Tiger War Story. All Cutscenes from The Last Tiger in Battlefield 5 Campaign. The Last Tiger War Story lets you command a …

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  1. I love this, I never thought that cod of all things would give me a realistic take on the psyche of a german soldier. THIS WAS BATTLEFIELD THAT DID THIS! Iexpected some ‘ohh muh side ez bad so i ez alied nao.’ No. It was a believable story of a german soldier losing not faith, but hope. Giving up. Realizing the war was lost. After fighting his damnedest, realizing his struggle was for nothing. Giving up…


  2. Why all the hate for schroeder? He is a young man who obviously seen alot of terrible things and is only capable of not getting like Hartmann by keeping this whole mindset in place.

    That doesnt mean you have to feel sympathy for this man, but I think alot of young people who are raised in such a manner like the Third Reich, would be similar to him.

  3. schroder is just a kid and what this story is trying to paint the picture of is he has to pull the trigger of an 88mm gun to fire on an enemy and kill 4-5 people and probably has to do that everyday. imagine being that young and trying to justify to yourself that you need to do that. the raging honor he has is misunderstanding of his own free will cause he probably was never given a choice or even and idea as to how many people he would kill.

  4. The last quote, the one by Alice Sebold, doesnt mean what you think it means. If you google her, you will realize that she is a men hating feminist and that she is trying to brand ALL men as bloody murderers…


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