Bitcoin 2021 – What You NEED To Know Before Buying Bitcoin In 2021

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Beginners’ Guide To Cryptocurrency:

Is Bitcoin A Bubble 2021 – Bitcoin Passed $18,000 A Coin
0:00 – Is Bitcoin A Bubble 2021
0:44 – Bitcoin is booming like itÔÇÖs 2017
2:39 – What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
4:39 – Why Bitcoin prices have been going up
10:05 – How to acquire Bitcoin
11:23 – Building wealth with cryptocurrency and bitcoin

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Video host: Jaspreet Singh

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Bitcoin 2021 – What You NEED To Know Before Buying Bitcoin In 2021

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  1. Its unlikely money started as barter, more likley it started as credit. You don't need a credit card for credit, its more like, I help you today, you help me tomorrow. But the things we need that we swap may not have equal value, so then you would find some third thing that most people agree has value, that third thing was the first money. Many things have been this money, salt, rice, seashells, glass, large stones, the form determines how easy it is to trade, but anything could have been money if the tribe agreed it was money, but the first money was almost certainly favors, not barter, because barter is really hard, because things have wildly different values, and if you were trading eggs for a cow, you would need an absurdly large and impractical number of eggs, and the cow owner probaby couldn't use that many before they went bad, therefore, credit just makes more sense, EVEN if that credit were eggs in the future over time, it would still be massively better and more useful than some kind of actual barter.

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