Black Ops: Cold War – 16 Minutes of Zombies Gameplay

Zombies has made a return to Black ops: Cold War and one of the modes that will be first available is Die Machine Endless. Here is 16 minutes of gameplay of the new Zombies map showing what all can be done within the new map.

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Black Ops: Cold War – 16 Minutes of Zombies Gameplay

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  1. I have never really played cod but I remember when I went to my cousins house and that’s the game they played and the zombies were so much fun I wonder if I’d still enjoy thins one

  2. Ww2 I that you?

    Note: Ww2 Wasn't a bad game, in fact I love it.
    It was a game where I got my 50k Streak
    And completed the first map easteregg, It was so much fun, but everyone saying its a knock off of normal cod, but it looks like trayarch stole their style

  3. Please tell me they will have a setting to turn off health bars for zombies, i hate the look of em they ruin the zombie art done by developers, when you got a random healthbar popping up infront of all their faces when they are bunched.

  4. Sad to see that they aren't planning on making any maps that resonate the same energy as the classics, and are instead continuing the modern sci-fi like zombies. I miss the treyarch I grew up with, the one that wasn't scared to offend anyone by including swastikas or whatever. Kino der toten will forever have a place in my heart.


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