Black Ops COLD WAR – Bell's True Identity Revealed

Black Ops Cold War Bell’s True Identity. Bell’s identity is finally revealed in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the truth is revealed. It turns out that Bell was once one of Perseus’ right hand men. After being betrayed by Arash, Bell is saved by Adler and has their memory wiped. I think its a pretty good twist, almost like a reversal of the first Black Ops game.

Call of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Bell’s Identity

Black Ops COLD WAR – Bell's True Identity Revealed

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  1. Whats worse than having to choose between 2 evils ? USA planted those nukes and were gonna kill millions of innocent people against war with Soviets and I bet blame them for it too… Perseus were equally evil for wanting to blow those bombs and throw USA under the buss… Whatever Bell chooses he is a pawn to twisted men… makes more sense for him to go back to Soviets he is a smart lad to set up an ambush and clean up Adler

  2. Morale of Cold War Story :
    You are a villain and you are brainwashed to work for villains but you will pick which villain you will work for
    In my opinion,if you are a villain,keeping yourself alive is good ending so
    Evil Ending as Cold War says is actually good ending because if you even see the chatter when you ambush or lure Adler's team into Duga,Bell can also say "Unless Stopped,USA would harm more than everything else" is infact truth in this reality
    Adler of course would make pull defense as "What kind of fucked up logic is that" but infact he knows what Bell said in there is true entirely even if he refuses it so that is and always why "Evil Ending" is without a doubt even closing my eyes,IS the best ending here because you are villain so,survival asset under Perseus' wings better than treachery of Adler and CIA works

  3. Lmao, voice actress is showing her American accent from the word 'implanted'. She get's the regional accent right arounds 5:31 but then slips up at around 5:38. "Impl-'ah'-nted" vs ""Impl-'an'-ted". Nonetheless, not bad.

  4. A better way to have told this story would've been to make bell a fully voiced character, have him be there RIGHT from the start (you press play and you play bell immediately), you have more missions (this gane was criminally short for 60 bucks), more Vietnam flashbacks, great character moments, have a mission in the middle of the second act that is basically the airstrip mission, have bell start shouting in Russian when the reveal happens as to add more betrayal to it all, have your choices make a HUGE difference in the end (im talking multiple endings on top of the 2 endings), have one of the good endings be that when Adler takes you to the cliff to kill you the player can instead salute and say that it was an honor to fight with Adler (basically bell accepting his death but glad to have saved lives regardless) and than screen cuts too black, gunshot, after credits is you holding your wounded shoulder and Adler giving you 2 options, dissappear or join him and before you choose Adler says "Either way, Bell dies here and now". There are still things that need to be fixed but other than that thisbis how I would've told the story. Makes the impact of the reveal more intense and would make you think twice about helping Adler.

  5. Despite the fact that Cold Wars multiplayer and zombies (in my opinion) are bad, The campaign has to be one of my favorites. To me, this campaign reminds me of bo1 exactly with and amazing twist and or making you (the player) believing something when something else is the truth. (Personally the twist of this game surprised me)

  6. So basically we are playing as a enemy character that been brainwashed to being a good character I’m not going to lie if i was Adler I would do the same like shit they did It to mason 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. In the console at 2:55 it is written in Russian: ???? UNKNOWN, around 1.88 meters, 97.52 kilograms, secrets […] ]?+Lies […] Adler lies to you 8:bG7 […] LYING TO EVERYBODY LIES

  8. Star Wars : A New Hope
    Star Wars : The Forces Awaken

    COD Black Ops
    COD Black Ops Cold War

    you see the pattern? that lazy writing they just keep recycling and don’t have idea what makes great story again


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