Black Ops Cold War Campaign & Zombies Storyline Teasers & Leaks (Call of Duty 2021 Black Ops 5 Leak)

Black Ops Cold War Campaign & Zombies Storyline Teasers & Leaks (Call of Duty 2021 Black Ops 5 Leaked Info)


Today, I decided to make a video discussing recent leaks/rumours that Call of Duty 2021 (set during the Cold War/Vietnam War) will not be a Black Ops game. I speculate about what the name COULD be, such as « Call of Duty Vietnam », like the cancelled Sledgehammer games 3rd Person Call of Duty was going to be called. These are just rumours right now, however, a significant amount of sources have reached out to me with this information, that it’s still going to be connected to Black Ops somehow, but they’re dropping the « Black Ops » name in the title. I also go over teasers on Classified pertaining to the storyline for call of duty 2021’s campaign single-player and call of duty 2021 zombies, ENJOY! 😀

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Black Ops Cold War Campaign & Zombies Storyline Teasers & Leaks (Call of Duty 2021 Black Ops 5 Leak)

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Comment (23)

  1. If yall dont understand what he mean about reboot but not a reboot is that they can take any thing or character reuse them stop there death or alter the cod story line in any way
    Ps your welcome❤🗣

  2. maybe the modern warfare 2019 is like you are talking about, that something changed the story of MW19, because in MWR you can get a trophy by killing makarov in the mission all gilled up, and the says "time paradox" so maybe the story of MW19 is like this because you kill makarov in that mission, remember AGU is set on the 90's
    is posible

  3. I like the idea but I feel that COD needs to stick with more modern time zones, like it’s getting a bit boring in my opinion with wwii and bo3 and bo4 although bo1 was the greatest stories

  4. What if the zombies storyline is telling a story of if the Americans got element 115 in Vietnam and that's what's the big x on the map you showed us and maybe mason Hudson woods and bowman might get trapped.


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