Black Ops Cold War: Everything We Know! (Call Of Duty 2021)

Black Ops Cold War: Everything We Know! (Call Of Duty 2021)

This Is everything we know about Black Ops Cold War (Call Of Duty 2021) so far! Expect a reveal on June 11th at the PS5 Event!

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Black Ops Cold War: Everything We Know! (Call Of Duty 2021)

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Comment (38)

  1. This better be the greatest reboot ever they literally got treyarch Raven and sledgehammer making this game all cod companies which means it has to be super good i feel bad for him cause there were no teaser for cod dame

  2. People out hear banging on about BO1 and BO2 when are people gonna get into their heads them days are over, SBMM and micro transactions are the future and the older you get the worse it will feel.

  3. The day weve all been waiting for. I for one have not been waitin for the day cod is announced. It isnt exciting as it use to be. And it could be that the game comes out every year and recently cods have been a let down the enjoyment of playing isnt what it use to be.


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