Black Ops: Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay [PC]

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Mutliplayer brings new maps and old features back. Here is six minutes of multiplayer gameplay on the maps: Crossroads Strike, Moscow, Sattelite, and Cartel.

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Black Ops: Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay [PC]

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  1. This game has the same latency and bologna as all the rest. I shoot a clown 8x in the chest, he shoots me once and I’m dead, seriously, do you think this is real or fair, I don’t. I’m glad they have bots, it’s not real, but it’s the closest thing to being real that COD has to offer.

  2. Hey man I loved the video👌 keep up the grind also I have gaming channel for all sorts of gaming content but mostly call of duty and I was wondering if you could check it out and give some feedback and maybe drop a follow😃

  3. Unlike most people in the comments, I think the game overall is decent. My only gripe is the lack of maps at launch. The movement system is growing on me because it is basically the same as BO4 and BO3 (without exo movements). I like the perk system as well as the ability to level up everything when you are either playing zombies and multiplayer. They need to keep that system. Zombies is great, but there really needs to be more maps. I didn't have an issue navigating and getting kills. Some guns feel like they are weak, but that changes once you get the necessary attachments. And why is it that we are getting short campaigns? The campaign in Cold War could have been awesome if it was a bit longer to the point where it ends right before Black Ops 2 picks up. The crazy thing is how Zakhaev is now canon and connected to the OG MW trilogy. That was a very surprising touch. Another thing I wished is that this game should have came out way before (possibly) Black Ops 2 or right after.


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